Sweet blowjob before bed - Solazola

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Dannyxxx1996 Dannyxxx1996:

I love watching you suck you are so good at it great ending as well keep up the amazing video guys xx

Solazola Solazola:

Thanks guys) for this thread))

mj_porn mj_porn:

I like the way you passionately suck his dick!

AmelieLBJ AmelieLBJ:

sweet Blowjob from sweet girl!

msutopia msutopia:

she one of the best sucker

NoTabuu NoTabuu:

Hi! Nice vid, but it would be even nicer if the oral creampie would take much longer

NoTabuu NoTabuu:

@Solazola Thank you very much, that would be amazing !

Solazola Solazola:

prettyevil prettyevil:

Such a pleasure to watch this :-*

RoyDovator RoyDovator:

Cum with me =P I'll show U how I can do the Blowjob

NoTabuu NoTabuu:

I did not talk about sucking!

MrHind MrHind:

She sucks him quite hard, it must be difficult for him to last 4 min

LordPenaNieto LordPenaNieto:

You’re cute, but this was very boring tbh.Don’t feel sad, I’ve seen some of your stuff and you’re good, you’re getting there, you just need to act more natural.Stop paying too much attention and just enjoy it.Gobierno Federal

Dannyxxx1996 Dannyxxx1996:

@Guyferrei couldn't agree more

Solazola Solazola:

@Guyferrei thx mate)) @lordpenanieto I enjoyed what I do, so I disagree too)

Guyferrei Guyferrei:

I completely disagree. I really don't like most of the blowjobs I see on this site, but this is one of the few I've really enjoyed. Stop telling her she should do things a certain way. She does it how she wants, and some of us like the way she does it. Don't ruin it for everyone.

sexcouple69 sexcouple69:

disagree!!! look her mouth and tongue play !!! she making so awesome content, i love how brave and silence she is on this one !

RoyDovator RoyDovator:

so hot blowjob

nerb69 nerb69:

Add me as a friend and I’ll gift you PH Premium

kovalenko_1g kovalenko_1g:

how to subscribe

Sweet Bunny Sweet Bunny:

You are a natural beauty!! Thumbs up for this video ! ❤

psrxxx psrxxx:

lets be friends?

mingmingtan mingmingtan:

i can swallow your semen too yummy

sexcandy21 sexcandy21:

Mmm yummy xD

mingmingtan mingmingtan:

nice dick and great body

sexcandy21 sexcandy21:

Dick taste soo good xD

FranPie FranPie:


Miss Russia Natasha Miss Russia Natasha:

This TOP

Solazola Solazola:

ragnaroek90 ragnaroek90:

You're a cutie Solazola

Solazola Solazola:

Thanks sweetie) I'm pleased)

Oral Creampie Oral Creampie:

I agree ... and very sexy! Hot blowjob

Aleksey37 Aleksey37:

And on the face when? I really wanted to see

LeLovers LeLovers:

Great work!))

robotize13 robotize13:

hell yeah she's hot lol !

imsosad123 imsosad123:

can we take a moment to appreciate her clear skin?

mjk0362 mjk0362:

Love your eye contact, cute work with mouth and tongue. I like your reactions when you get cum into your mouth and how you play, almost accidentally, with the cum. How about red color lipstick as bj escort? Unfortunately, there are problems with the white balance, on mac your skin was odd looking, yellowish tint on curvy places (cleavage, armpits, neck) where skin was angular to camera, and unnaturally pale in other places where skin was on right angle. Your nice pale skin did not look natural.

adolphus67 adolphus67:

Hhhhhhhmmmm Goddess the right technique to use sooo as to get ride of any built up energy that would upset sleep - wink , Bravo Solazola . Excellent method on the shaft . Among the Hottest Uploads ever. Added and Liked


super sweet blowjob and the tongue play was nice

AmericanPie93 AmericanPie93:

Absolutely incredible. The best from the Middle East. X

termmeh termmeh:

Youre so beatiful ! I want to drain my balls into your mouth !

carlettoway carlettoway:

such an amazing sucker! I would defitnely fill u up

paardendijk paardendijk:

great vid, and the girl is so hot. Maybe some more deepthroating next time?

Solazola Solazola:

Check other my vids) I have some scenes with deep throat)))

charlito61 charlito61:

amazing blowjob, i love that !

charlito61 charlito61:

yes, I love your blowjobs, I found it amazing)))

Solazola Solazola:

❤ I hope you enjoyed))

Alelinares Alelinares:

K riko yo quiero igual mamar d esa vergaa

Lexy Dust Lexy Dust:


sexcandy21 sexcandy21:

get some (:

Solazola Solazola:

Yummy cummy

So_Nique So_Nique:

watching you playing with his cum is... wow... hot

onge1210 onge1210:

Frankie pls add me

Ha41377 Ha41377:

Amazing! Your blow job videos are the best! They look like they'd feel so good!Your a blow job artist!!

Solazola Solazola:

Thanks dear)) got a lot of practice in BJ))) love this action)) sooo...

bigloadblast bigloadblast:

keep swallowing!

onpoint89 onpoint89:

She ist so beautiful

britishguy91 britishguy91:


ilrazzo819 ilrazzo819:

God D*MN! Niiiiiiice.

termmeh termmeh:

You sucked all of his cum drops into your mouth

Solazola Solazola:


Dazzlar Dazzlar:

Great quality vid. I love that the cum almost comes out of your mouth at the end.

LionnaBest LionnaBest:

You're beautiful and you work wonders.

johnmallari johnmallari:

your so amazing.

KingOfHentai KingOfHentai:

Very cute!! Ending as well. Осом в общем

CarlPeterson89 CarlPeterson89:

You love suckin' cock huh ? How big is it ?

Launchpad72 Launchpad72:

That was hot. I'd love your mouth on my cock.

Lovecatsmew Lovecatsmew:

gj guys!

dinogatori dinogatori:

you're a good girl, suck that dick

Brendon Knox Brendon Knox:

How did you two find each other? There's sorely a category missing on dating site for industry people! Let me know your secret, I've struggled with the dating!

Hyperdom Hyperdom:

Solazola you are so gorgeous!

tyrannomeme5 tyrannomeme5:

why didn't you show us your tits?

xmarecki xmarecki:

Jebac Żydów

behrooziiiiiiiiii behrooziiiiiiiiii:


MadameMimi MadameMimi:

facial next video?

Usernamenotfou Usernamenotfou:

Subscribe to pewdiepie

sekret161 sekret161:

на самом деле ,очень сладкий!!!!

saacee saacee:

finger video pleasee

kzylmtha kzylmtha:

damn she's gorgeous..

BigPoapa BigPoapa:

Perfect girl

didimark didimark:

@Solazola, love how your make him cum in mouth! sexy video!


Гля бля с заглотом!

The_Mensch The_Mensch:

Just great !

ken89 ken89:

You're a goddess

ShanevieFP ShanevieFP:

This is a really nice blowjob....❤

Ernummero1 Ernummero1:

I really like you. Your body, your smile and the way you swallow. This it that I call BLOWJOB. Good job ☺

nellobis nellobis:

sei bravissima a fare i pompini. Mi fai venire

TheSexDiaries TheSexDiaries:


kristups47 kristups47:

So yummy so yummy

jeffo93 jeffo93:

Super your tongue work impossible to hold long you're irresistible I understand him you're a good sucker

Tallaran Tallaran:


Some Random Macho Some Random Macho:

Damn, that's hot.

hessas hessas:

у вас так красиво получается, с удавольствием смотрю

Inskeep Inskeep:

i love girls swallowing cum

69daddylongneck69 69daddylongneck69:

You're my dream girl

Solazola Solazola:

Thanks) kiss :*

olblueyes4300 olblueyes4300:

is it just me, or is this bj really boring?

ManuelNo ManuelNo:

Another nice blowjob.I don't care if the video is short. This girl does everything right.

Solazola Solazola:

❤ merci)

player_90 player_90:

Good! Would be even better without bra and with a thick facial at the end)

DerekS69 DerekS69:

Mmmmm, lucky guy, I'd also love to feed you my hot and thick cum...

Hhsound Hhsound:

you're such a sweetheart

tortue-geniale tortue-geniale:

You're so damn cute I can't take it

Nantawit Nantawit:

เธอชื่ออะไร ทำไมสวยจัง...

Lily Kardashian Lily Kardashian:

te sei proprio una grandissima zoccola .... pompinara senza una dignità prenderai cazzi a vita per vivere

ilovexart ilovexart:

Nice blowjob, wonderful face ❤

strokerE5 strokerE5:

Your sexy filthy hot, what a turn on.. Muah

irpac021 irpac021:

Great cocksucking and love it when you opened your mouth to display your fine reward

discodeer11 discodeer11:

This is so sexy baby that is one lucky guy to get a blowjob like that from a girl like you!

martianmanhunter martianmanhunter:

An oral creampie where you show the cum and swallow, perfect!

Solazola Solazola:


WetMikka WetMikka:

woooooow, u are so hot.

RichBitch5 RichBitch5:

check how I was fucked in doggystyle!!!!

beber7 beber7:

wow wow wow it is the perfection

varwnos24 varwnos24:

U are so fucking hot

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