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Solazola Solazola:

Guys!! Did you imagine before how to fuck with escort girls?)

MoistMaker85 MoistMaker85:

Never met an escort that fucks bareback!

Sophia Bellini Sophia Bellini:

Sola zola you are beautiful!!

LoveAndFire LoveAndFire:

Very creative the video..

Lucy969ycuL Lucy969ycuL:

Nice Program

AmelieGM AmelieGM:

Great hot video! The girl knows how to do it)

PlumcakeZ PlumcakeZ:

So so hot!

JoshuaDrice JoshuaDrice:

please show your face when you riding cock. And moaning. I want to fuck you. You have perfect body and beautiful face.

TeencoupleIT TeencoupleIT:

You're perfect baby :*

JoshuaDrice JoshuaDrice:

yes. please show your face while you riding. it'll be so sudicing

MiaMia69 MiaMia69:

ohh yaa ... Love this vid xx

Stokri Stokri:

you are incredibly exciting and I would love to fuck you again and again in this beautiful outfit and others

Queen Ann Queen Ann:

You are amazing !!! Many kiss Sweety. Ann xoxo

Nutella Black Nutella Black:

Love Girl mmm


Some of the best sex I've had were with escorts.

mj_porn mj_porn:

I like it! sexy girl

TTMo1 TTMo1:


markus008 markus008:

more like a beautiful sexy girlfriend

Nutella Black Nutella Black:

Amazing baby!

jasminscout jasminscout:

I loved it. Although you should make some video’s where you keep your shoes on. Maybe some new sneakers and stockings. Also, your heels aren’t high enough.You are gorgeous though

prettyevil prettyevil:

That's was good escort and also hot young. Love you!

Aleksey37 Aleksey37:

Ага. На всю ночь на пролет бы так трахался)

Atenea88 Atenea88:


Queen Ann Queen Ann:

A good slut !

RoyDovator RoyDovator:

Great ass. I Like it so much!Your skills in blowjob is very good. I can the same

Sasha Bikeyeva Sasha Bikeyeva:

This is definitely not going to be in my life!

Dannyxxx1996 Dannyxxx1996:

No escort could compare to you

Letty Black Letty Black:

This black lingerie on the ideal body = 10/10

LoveAndFire LoveAndFire:

Yes.. That Rigth..

Loren Love Loren Love:

She's destroying the game at the moment!

littlelaces littlelaces:

Totally agree!

Solazola Solazola:

❤ thanks sweetie))

WeakNe5s WeakNe5s:

18:33 this dude trying show us something look his feet finger

Solazola Solazola:

Ahaha lol) Fucked him half to death. Camera shakes coz of that)

Dannyxxx1996 Dannyxxx1996:

Wow very sexy that outfit is amazing always love to see you in stockings

LeLovers LeLovers:

really, amazing!

Solazola Solazola:

Need to use mesh tights next vids)

stellazhu stellazhu:

这太漂亮了 顶不住啦

dodo41299 dodo41299:

Poka huja



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eeewjh eeewjh:

Can you reply me

eeewjh eeewjh:

Hi man

LeoKamy10 LeoKamy10:

u r extremely hot i nut in a mint

TyroneBigCock TyroneBigCock:

you nut in a mint

nina_95 nina_95:

When will anal?

whitepopper whitepopper:

Yes anal please !

patz001 patz001:


Solazola Solazola:

Yo!) What's up with it?)

feyenoord48 feyenoord48:

Amazing! Very hot and exciting. WOW!!

LoveAndFire LoveAndFire:

I can only agree! She is beautiful, has an incredible body.

1005881083 1005881083:

有点像迪丽热巴,she is a famous actor in China.

Brain1x Brain1x:


Nickabc Nickabc:

she's not

ThatCraigGuy ThatCraigGuy:

Is it OCD to get uncomfortable by the fact that only one of her nipples is pierced? It kinda bothers me.

dodo41299 dodo41299:

No i think u are petfectly fine

milkitty milkitty:

hm i rly want to fuck a dick like this rn!

pubg_shroud pubg_shroud:


Miss Charm Miss Charm:

Amazing work guys, very gorgeous couple. Thumb Up to Support your creativity ❤

Solazola Solazola:

Thanks dear for your compliment) kiss :*

P0rnMonster1 P0rnMonster1:

Anal please

captainPing captainPing:

Super gorgeous! your partner is real lucky!

nxzer09521 nxzer09521:

Beautiful video, more more !!

Jalmr260 Jalmr260:

hi babe i really love all your video but can you add me like a friend so we can chat anyways i really like to you come over my house so we can do a video together

Solazola Solazola:

Will be moooooore, stay tuned)))❤

sexboy2169 sexboy2169:

hello guys!

bigboobs9teen8 bigboobs9teen8:

very hot !

RagingComrade18 RagingComrade18:

So anybody got any advice on how to get a win in bo4 blackout? I've played since release and have one squad win. Annoying as frick my dudes and dudettes

RagingComrade18 RagingComrade18:

Already did my friend. About to try that shit

Drontyl Drontyl:

get Apex lmao

Skeet_and_Jimmy Skeet_and_Jimmy:

Big McThankys from McSpanky's.

SizeMattersMaybe SizeMattersMaybe:

Okay it's not her :'D

Oral Creampie Oral Creampie:

Mmm ... baby, what a sexy movement ... your ass is incredible ... and with that lingerie .... oooh, yeeees !!!!!. This is very hot

addapp addapp:

The perfect first perspective gives an immersive feeling, great!

xiaoyao92 xiaoyao92:

less blowjob and more doggy style,plz

Sweet Bunny Sweet Bunny:

You're super sexy!! Thumbs up for this great video! ❤

Solazola Solazola:

Thanks sweetie) kiss

DickForLily DickForLily:

fuck it is very sexy video

Tunaegg Tunaegg:

You have ugly tits

flamingopink flamingopink:

赞! 赞!赞!

kntbr0 kntbr0:

Where do I contract?

YoungXxXman YoungXxXman:

Very good

willis777 willis777:

14:10 I was done

JavHD JavHD:

Very lovely girl

transafodaeto transafodaeto:


adultcont adultcont:

Sooooooo how does one make a special dick appearance on your vids??

eye_fucker eye_fucker:

thumb me up bitches,

SexySuArt SexySuArt:


The Baron The Baron:

She is so damn beautiful!


que rico

CoolpixS CoolpixS:

anybody wanna add me on Xbox? we can play apex legends hmu

UselessHoweverMan UselessHoweverMan:

Apex is a good game HOWEVER, xbox is fucking trash.

Jesuisgentilmoi Jesuisgentilmoi:


thear675 thear675:

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even make it through the blowjob. I’ll have to come back and try again tomorrow.

Omarper76 Omarper76:

Pero qué rica

Tsurashinkit Tsurashinkit:

The best color is blond color

LionnaBest LionnaBest:

so beautiful and sexy.

Chelseachelsea300 Chelseachelsea300:


Lexy Dust Lexy Dust:

Amazing job!

chris454 chris454:

would be better if she can deepthroat

TonioLePlusBeau TonioLePlusBeau:

Let's meet in 9 month

JoshuaDrice JoshuaDrice:

Solazola please show your face when you riding him.

termmeh termmeh:

God damn you ! You drained his balls !

hornymale4673 hornymale4673:

i need a blow job very badly

hornymale4673 hornymale4673:

i will sh i could get my ten inc cock suxk by a women

superjoe superjoe:

God damn, this lady is just insanely sexy. That body....you're killin me here!

trierboi trierboi:

damn, if you were an escort we would have to get a credit we could never effort just to book you for as ong as possible

adamgould222 adamgould222:

Very Pretty Escort. Would love to meet up with her...

Silvia Queen Silvia Queen:


buri2103 buri2103:

What is she's name ?

onpoint89 onpoint89:

hot girl in hot lingerie

peterpenhk peterpenhk:

what is your measurement?

FUCKWilson666 FUCKWilson666:


JasmineRider JasmineRider:

Love the way she teases in the beginning. And that dress girl yaass

Jalmr260 Jalmr260:

babe i really like your video but can you like a friend so we can chat anyways i really love to you come over my house and we can do a video together .

NikoletaGRE27 NikoletaGRE27:

This is so hot!!

Secret Muffin Secret Muffin:

I love your beautiful body

eedm eedm:


Eruri Eruri:

Que delícia de pau, porra

msbt007 msbt007:

what a hot girl!!!!!!!!

kiborg112 kiborg112:

She is a goddess!

johnman2880 johnman2880:

escort with no rubber? hell naw to the naw naw naw

wanggcchao wanggcchao:


SmittenKitt SmittenKitt:

Bareback on an Escort!!! Da her you than me.

herbalmedilife herbalmedilife:

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tracybbx tracybbx:

I need this

Maria Vertigo Maria Vertigo:

Such a good ride,i would love to be fucked by that man (my filming partner is not that big,dont tell him

thorir69 thorir69:

u are so fking perfect damn

JustYourTeen JustYourTeen:

Nice thumbnail!Hey, check out our new videos!

Goddess Sadie Goddess Sadie:

You're sooo pretty! Loved that lingerie on you!

JoshandLeena JoshandLeena:

That is some sexy outfit

jordanncarlos jordanncarlos:


onpoint89 onpoint89:

She is for sure a 13/10 3

djoksonidis69 djoksonidis69:

Holly shit.. I am so horny..must jerk off now...can I cover your stockings with plenty of cum, please?

RedDwarfrules RedDwarfrules:

Damn you are smoking hot. Great lingerie choice.

Typhlosion4LifeBra Typhlosion4LifeBra:

abseloutly sexy

fapfap84 fapfap84:


PetitTits PetitTits:

Absolutely amazing body xx

LuisFritz18 LuisFritz18:

sending pics? my E-mail: [email protected]

Johnnywad59 Johnnywad59:

Love you.❤

fabiodasilva12 fabiodasilva12:

Sexy girl

kyzls kyzls:

I don't like dark veins on the dick.

Suicidal-Kunt Suicidal-Kunt:

BJ = Poor (Too much use of hand), Body = Average (Tits to small and face quite ugly), Session = Below Average (Not enough positions). Over all = Meh not impressed 3/10, can understand why this video got over 1,000 thumbs down.

Flightmaster76 Flightmaster76:

quanto te la riempierei volentieri quella bella fighetta

deleonjames deleonjames:

I wish escorts got down like this.Amazing video ☺

JeromeTrendCarga89 JeromeTrendCarga89:

O M G !!!!!!

GentlemanLeisure GentlemanLeisure:

Gorgeous face, hair and pierced boobs.That innocent face at the end, though... )))

mathieu1307 mathieu1307:

OMG, the greatest escort i'v see in my life 3 Your are so sex .... and this lingerie.... Kiss from France

ToutesBelles ToutesBelles:

Quel chance il a ce mec d'avoir un cul pareil à sa disposition !!

231489 231489:


Lilangelx Lilangelx:


SizeMattersMaybe SizeMattersMaybe:

This girl looks like my girlfriend and I'm giving her a call right fucking now xD

Solazola Solazola:

I got 1 missed call xD

mike198412 mike198412:


sabbas23 sabbas23:

can you fuck me allso after the club ?

Stefanrabel Stefanrabel:

So hot! Love the lingerie

ThinShow ThinShow:

I want to fuck with you :c

FranPie FranPie:


NoFaceGirl NoFaceGirl:

Love your lingerie

dickwakinteen15 dickwakinteen15:

does some1 wanna buy me chocolate syrup i got nona and i have pancales

MeAndMyKinkyGF MeAndMyKinkyGF:

Nice in black!

xilie xilie:


bidelgado bidelgado:

the tatts, the piercings, the lingerie all on that gorgeous body, so fucking hot

SluttyDiana SluttyDiana:

everything is just perfect

svk_hornyman svk_hornyman:

what an innocent face and so dirty mind

mysexymodel mysexymodel:

so hot!

NM4Ltony NM4Ltony:


RedKiteKat RedKiteKat:

your body is amazing show more!

spirituallysensual spirituallysensual:

Her hair is amazing. And those lips. The whole face. Actually her whole body. Feminine goddess

cccccoker cccccoker:

pretty girl

cccccoker cccccoker:


blowjobfker21 blowjobfker21:

Very sexy

PeachyGuy PeachyGuy:

his cock is deadass purple

Metallion Metallion:

I highly doubt this is an actual escort. If so, she would not engage in unprotected sex with a client.

ThaRabbitFoot ThaRabbitFoot:

I watch a lot, but not gonna lie this made my jaw drop. Absolutely breath-taken SolaZola... Holy shit you are perfect.

johndoe18811881 johndoe18811881:

wow. pretty much perfect right there.

windupbird windupbird:

wow, I'm in love

Twinky_Femboy Twinky_Femboy:

wondered how one becomes an escort~

videcouilles videcouilles:

You're beautiful ! I'd have cum on your tits !


отсос чи?

marioasb marioasb:

The couple did a great naughty video, congratulations.

biancakvitko biancakvitko:

what a good blowjob, so cute

NoahStevens NoahStevens:

Oh yes i like that (:

keppa83 keppa83:

why the summer sausage

St_Yuri St_Yuri:

Sandyhotxxx Sandyhotxxx:

grandiosa follada

Alluring Anatomy Alluring Anatomy:

You’re fucking beautiful girll oh my. Got me feelin some sorta way

SapphireDiary SapphireDiary:

sexy outfit & beautiful body

Solazola Solazola:

❤ Merci)

seyozha seyozha:

еще бы в зад трахалась бы - вообще кайф было бы)

Solazola Solazola:

Всему свое время))

Arkadiuus Arkadiuus:


markus008 markus008:

Beautiful girl, keep doing videos in lingerie and stockings sexy!

Solazola Solazola:

Will be in lingerie next videos))

KrystinaM KrystinaM:

adamscorpion adamscorpion:

amazing , beautiful ! hot !

dateme95 dateme95:

Well this is the best anti stress come home from work take ur dick in ya hand and jerk off to i girl looking like this

Jessica_Owen Jessica_Owen:

ohh wanna ride that dick toooo!!

WeebWithAStick WeebWithAStick:

fuckin etika got me reading e-scorts.

YeLmashaLow YeLmashaLow:

anyone can fuck me like that please ?


нормальная такая Маша

jjumbo jjumbo:

wow ponytail

littlelaces littlelaces:

SO beautiful!

Rosswell Rosswell:

Wow perfect girl Solazola❤

Katie Cherries Katie Cherries:

Very sexy

hunda hunda:

Gurl what hair products do you use?

nellobis nellobis:

Mi fai arrapare con questi occhi e questa bocca. Sei bellissima e sexy

nellobis nellobis:

succhi divinamente bene. Me lo fai un joi per farmi masturbare davanti a te. Sei bellissima ed hai un culo splendido

TheSexDiaries TheSexDiaries:

damn, being an escort seems pretty sweet

cleaningmybarrel cleaningmybarrel:

need to see more of that beautiful face

fuckmyhair fuckmyhair:

soooooo sexy long hair ! wow !

winter2009 winter2009:

Sexy and beatiful. I love this video!

Aleksey37 Aleksey37:

Класс! Чулки и трусики просто бомба

Atenea88 Atenea88:

Mmmmm I loveee

stownsend1965 stownsend1965:

Beautiful young lady. Amazing tits and sweet ass

Rock_D Rock_D:

Hot as hell

dick_pleasure dick_pleasure:

Really excellent video, I enjoyed immensely watching it! ❤❤

Fireman123hd Fireman123hd:

i think i love you, Can you say hello to me maybe?you will make me the happiest boy in the worldPlease jajjaja

Fireman123hd Fireman123hd:

jajajaja i love you,

Solazola Solazola:

Hello xD

ilovexart ilovexart:

Don't think we can find an escort like you, would be payless. This video is awesome, as usual. You are so sexy in this role. ❤❤❤

AlmondBabe AlmondBabe:

You play the part so well! You both are great

Solazola Solazola:

❤ kiss to you, babe

Bobby_Riggs Bobby_Riggs:

You're such a wonderful girl, extremely sexy in the black lingerie. Top class riding and blowing too.

HitJerry HitJerry:

Gorgeous couple

PowerMan8 PowerMan8:

Incredible! You make me so big and hard!

fuckboyporcodedio fuckboyporcodedio:

a footjob please

tomastomaskrt tomastomaskrt:

wow :o

CarlPeterson89 CarlPeterson89:

How much does a blowjob cost ?

CarlPeterson89 CarlPeterson89:

@Solazola lol

Solazola Solazola:

@CarlPeterson89 Thanks for your reply. Our customer service will be improved. Your feedback is very important to us.

CarlPeterson89 CarlPeterson89:

@Solazola everyone has a price, dear. Based on your videos you seem pretty spoilt.

Solazola Solazola:

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's Mastercard.❤

paulo39 paulo39:

very nice, perfects tits and horny body............ Solazola I loved fuck a best girl , very lucky guy !!

Solazola Solazola:

Thanks dear) kiss :**

stringlovescum stringlovescum:


average1954 average1954:

Solazola, you sure showed him a good time. Must have felt great to both of you. Thanks for sharing more of your sexy fun with us !!

Solazola Solazola:

❤❤ I'm pleased))

adolphus67 adolphus67:

Tigress , you captured the Essence and Erotic Power of an Ravvviiisshing Escort . Super Scorching in that outfit.The "client" in this MagnificentMasterpiece must have thought all his Christmases came together all at once. Thumbed Up and Added. Gone past Ratings oo yeaahhh . Beautifully done on alll levels Solazola.

Solazola Solazola:

Thanks sweetie)) yea! I tried to do as well as I can and I see that you enjoyed the results)❤

mjk0362 mjk0362:

Very nice dress and stockings, lovely cleavage. Love the work with your tongue and your limited drooling. Very cute opening of your hair, braid next? You ride like a pro, and your bouncing tits are great. You took your high heels off very early. Excellent hand-mouth combination, I like this when girl does all the job. Anyhow, thank you for an excellent video.

conasseur conasseur:

The bigger the choker, the better the sex! Perfect!

mqthefool mqthefool:

You are... I cannot find the words to describe how hot and beautiful you are.

Solazola Solazola:

Thanks sweetie))

ManuelNo ManuelNo:

Very nice!This girl is so hot!

Solazola Solazola:

hunter65 hunter65:

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Horny_doc69 Horny_doc69:

Nice outfit

beber7 beber7:

perfect show like every time…


She's so cute her body blows me away

bradbrainsxxx bradbrainsxxx:

Fuck that's a hot body

Solazola Solazola:

❤ Merci)

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