BLACKED Kali Rose Gets Passed Around By Six BBCs

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Surprisingly really good cinematography

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What’s that music ?

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darude - sandstorm

ViceBurst ViceBurst:

I don't even care about this stuff I love seeing racist comments because it's hilarious. Why do you waste your time coming here and being mad about being here when you can literally go somewhere else.

aquax aquax:

agree. black women should get the fuck out. they're jealous black males don't want black women any longer.

ViceBurst ViceBurst:

I can't reply to you mike but that's the sensible thing I've seen someone say in this comment section

WraithSugar WraithSugar:

What more can a woman want than be passed around by bbc's. Hell I'd love to see my mom star in one of those lol

sexywho sexywho:

That’s disgusting.

trappinforreal trappinforreal:

Your mom? That’s creepy

ReaperMainForLife ReaperMainForLife:

Excuse me 911

Wigflewsis Wigflewsis:

GoddamnMathafucka GoddamnMathafucka:

what the fuck?

WraithSugar WraithSugar:

Only bcs its BBC haha

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Watch your mom get gangbanged? okayy.

DeeJay3227 DeeJay3227:

Kali Rose gets passed around by the cast of 12 Years a Slave

Whizz76 Whizz76:

And she loved every inch of it.

ShyGirl3 ShyGirl3:

All of them grabbing on her at the beginning was way hotter than any other part of this. Damn!

teamventures77 teamventures77:

mmmm 6 BBC and creampie... id be in heaven!!!!! Any takers?

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There a lot of lil white dick inferiority complex going on here?

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These beautiful white girls great great great(×10) granddaddies would be turning over in their graves if they saw videos like these. The whole black superiority thing is really ignorant anyways. Yes 200-300 years ago your ancestors were captured and brought to these lands. They were breed to be big workers like a horse, nothing much to be proud of... If the same had been done to white people (polish sausage anyone?), we'd have a bunch of big dick Brock Lesnar looking mothafuks roaming here.

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@ whitediver they make the videos cause white woman love them. When I'm in the club white and latina woman beg to get the bbc. Gets fucking annoying cause I love fucking black woman. Could fuck 5 white woman a night. Some homies do.

Westlife11 Westlife11:

This is pure trash. Wheres the 6 White guys and Black girl video? Oh right people would cry about it

austin00 austin00:

Goes to show how much of an ass blasted manchild you are to get mad at this.

aquax aquax:

blacks want white women only because white race is better (in terms of looks and intelligence). it's funny how it's being promoted, but it's literally like that. black women are upset now and going feminist.

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ximjusthornyx ximjusthornyx:

nah , people just dont wanna see that lol .

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Not me. Id jerk to it!!!

frmtx frmtx:

It wasn't long ago she was just an innocent cam girl getting tokens to show her ass. Now we're here.

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Oh she is definitely getting the royal treatment! How lucky!

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All the more reason to embrace and enjoy IR porn!

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BronzeLevelFuck BronzeLevelFuck:

No close captions? How am I supposed to follow the story?

My_Little_Secrets My_Little_Secrets:

"ah-oh-champing-ah-oh" it's enough for you?)

thespoonman thespoonman:

Where do I sign my wife up

KateHasDimples KateHasDimples:

I wish she’d shut up she’s so annoying

TheDirtyDj1 TheDirtyDj1:

Kali, Kali, Kali........why? That's all I have to say.......

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what I wouldn't give to be her

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i probably would have fucked too

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Piece of heaven on earth

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I didn't see any consent...

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Every what girls dream come true

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If any man asks if size matters look at her face 6:00 minutes there is your answer

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Wow that is some sick shit. I'm surprised those cocks didn't come out red. She' must have walked bow-legged for a week afterward.

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Need. This.

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lucky girl

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Not sure if I can handle all that but would definitely give it a try

Sex_Travels Sex_Travels:

Is that the toxic masculinity the Gillette ad was all about?

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Fuck this looks so FUN!! xD

sitonmyface85 sitonmyface85:

Sucky acting. Could've jus got straight to the point lol.

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i need this so fucking bad

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would of been better if this was real

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nikishu nikishu:

Great video. PERFECT, She is gorgeous

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Porn perfection

Alarak3321 Alarak3321:

что за песня играет в этом видео? мне очень понравилась

RoshanDesi RoshanDesi:

This girl is a perfect white girl, but I do wish so many girls these days didn't ruin their bodies with all that ink.

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Cutest face best pussy in porn. Shame she ruined it with all these nigs

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IDC these dudes gay ASF for shooting this.Don't tell me otherwise. Y'all hard while 6 naked men standing around each other.

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8:40 I would suck those balls

methred1 methred1:

Awesome to see a white whore get turned out by bbc.

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I can’t wait till they make a Blacked Tranny edition. It’s time.

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scorpiosfynest scorpiosfynest:

Not enough creampie and she couldn’t even handle that dick

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wzfoto wzfoto:

One of the worst video from blacked. The guys just stood around her because she can't take more than one dick for long. What a total waste.

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Congrats now you have aids

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Definitely would love to know what song this is in the intro

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White girls dream

hornywettred hornywettred:

Looks like a good time

bbwlatina96 bbwlatina96:

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im jealous of her

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Can I clean her after?

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I wish that was me. I'm so jealous.

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This a party I would like to get an rsvp invite too

MrBigBlackDick305 MrBigBlackDick305:

She's beautiful

Bbclover2a Bbclover2a:

white female privilege

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BBC's are such Fun... Yummy Too!!

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Alina2449 Alina2449:

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goodiecocopuffs goodiecocopuffs:

Aint nothing like a BBC! They gave it to her

iamthedicklover22 iamthedicklover22:

i want to suck the fuck out of Jason's dick

VictorEase224 VictorEase224:


lilgirlbk91 lilgirlbk91:

Look at all these big dick mufukas

realdealky realdealky:

She's hot but that is freaking disgusting

wednesdayplays wednesdayplays:

Does it ALWAYS have to be a white girl??Whenever it isn't a white a girl it's like the same 2 ebony chicks and maybe 1 Asian. Smh.

waterboy20 waterboy20:

PorgLovers PorgLovers:

Should be an educational film on how to contract HIV. Good luck with that, Kali

heidveken heidveken:

yo, thats hot as fuck. I wanna gangbang her next

JavHD JavHD:

Great guys and beautiful girl! Cool video

Numbuh1 Numbuh1:

Why tf are all Blacked Videos like an Advertise

cutie_98 cutie_98:

I wish i had that many cocks rn

philaBBC philaBBC:

Damm..Should of had me in this scene

JacksonSmith000069 JacksonSmith000069:

Nothing makes me cringe harder than a huge dick going into a completely dry pussy. Fuck that must be uncomfortable. Give that girl some lube! damn! You're going to hurt her trying to fuck like that. Vaginal tearing? no thanks...

Leonidas7777 Leonidas7777:

In that last scene she looks like the actor that played Shaggy. Same teeth smile thug going on too.

meljek meljek:

Disappointed that they only fucked her one at a time but not a bad video overall

kandyapple kandyapple:

Remember when this girl was just a snapchat camgirl. She's stepped up on the porn ladder I'm proud.

KoreanKupcake KoreanKupcake:


Huge tits steph Huge tits steph:


Holly Jones Holly Jones:

i love this. new to pornhub i love your content

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Wish I was that ripped

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The secret script for every clip they make: 1. Tiny white girl 2. Biggest black boy(s) 3. Pay them to fuck.. yet again.. another white chick. (MAN WE ARE SO TIRED OF THIS FORMULA CAN WE CAN SOMETHING DIFFERENT?!) 4. Know that beta guys will beat off to this, and keep the formula going until everyone is sick of it... and goes elsewhere to watch amateur stuff.

cumsoverthestick cumsoverthestick:


Molly Morgan Molly Morgan:

Such a sexy vid

xoSweetKim xoSweetKim:

Should’ve been me

KashootYourself KashootYourself:

How is she alive lmao

SabrinaGB18 SabrinaGB18:

The video is nice but I would have loved it even more if it had some DP

HotAttorney HotAttorney:

fucking good.

FattyWet FattyWet:

Damn those are some fine men!

Sacboy93 Sacboy93:

It is said that after this video she was never the same

ImNotAKittyCat ImNotAKittyCat:

Imagine if she landed on the bed and cracked her head on the headboard

chocodick123 chocodick123:


semajsemaj semajsemaj:

Why is it that some white guys on here mad because shes getting that pussy banged by a bunch of black guys? Remember this is porn... Im black and ill fuck the shit out of her too plus ill nut all in that pussy too. Ill give her ass a mixed baby just besause of all you hating mother fuckers.

nooneknowmetttow nooneknowmetttow:

How much she get paid for the video

nooneknowmetttow nooneknowmetttow:

What a hoe

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Holy shit Kali got Blacked big time!!


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there should be a tiny black dick there just for shits and giggles


RIP to her pussy

Xymunachean Xymunachean:

That guy omg i need that guy i like him so much. Or there is someone simmilar ?

AmnaAmna123 AmnaAmna123:

very nyc

TGElvira666 TGElvira666:

Ugh. I keep coming back to this one. I wish I had a room full of hung black men passing me around! Definitely one of my favorite fantasies, being used like a little white slut and stuffed full of black dicks. Lucky girl!

thewraith1978 thewraith1978:

Looks like she is going back home with a baby.

utribmyhotwife utribmyhotwife:

what a good whore deserves!


Honestly, it seemed fake and directed. Was definitely not the best gang bang

Jrelderank69 Jrelderank69:

Then why are you standing there holding or playing intensely with your pee-er thingy ya got there?? By looking at you, one would say its an award winner!! Lol!

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chadmikals chadmikals:

How much? Legit the only snap Id pay for hah

Im13lul Im13lul:

This is so gay

dicktobig87 dicktobig87:

elliot569 elliot569:


loki240000 loki240000:

This is literally every single woman sexual fantasy. I was sure if you ever asked him about it the majority of them will deny it and say that they don't like that but trust me when they are all alone in their most secret lustful thoughts, this ranks up there with having sex with their fathers

Jrelderank69 Jrelderank69:

Another fucking know-it-all Psychiatrist . Go get dicked by a fag.

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so horny after this vid

Jrelderank69 Jrelderank69:

Come over then. Take care of that REAL fast. Over a long time period.

TGElvira666 TGElvira666:

This is exactly what my dreams look like...only It's me...not the blonde

Drindreothye Drindreothye:

I am horny little devil alone at home waiting for some good guy to spoil him

Marrerata Marrerata:

I see 2 ugly stufs on one ugly woman

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Any girls need a hot guy whos down with giving em BBC gangbangs

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Stopped watching. This was gay

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Lukecage1993 Lukecage1993:

Damn! Whewww if she can handle that shiit let me get in on the action.

SamPower666 SamPower666:

Cheap white sell out

killbill_007 killbill_007:

Gawwwwwd damn

Alena Rose Alena Rose:

Someone had a good time

Alena Rose Alena Rose:

?? You seem upset lol hope you feel better soon ❤

Jrelderank69 Jrelderank69:

Alana Rose, . . . would YOU like to have a good time? . . . If so, . . . good luck having that good time, and maybe I'll stop reading /commenting on these damn things!!! Lol

tc81420 tc81420:


EkaterinaWhiteGirl EkaterinaWhiteGirl:


Azul853 Azul853:

I'll eat her after right after

sxvon sxvon:

wassup macaiyla what's poppin

realbabydoll realbabydoll:

Lucky bitch !!!

Lori_69 Lori_69:

My thoughts exactly.

SementalNegro SementalNegro:

she would be my best friend

hotlatin69 hotlatin69:

perfect role model for white girls

callmesirirl callmesirirl:

Genie; "you get three wishes"Me; "I want this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday".

The Glurkiest The Glurkiest:

d8jee8 d8jee8:

blacks got no brains

xoxbunny xoxbunny:

darudo1 you fucked up the videos from now on can't stop laughing

jackcoughling jackcoughling:

his little angel like black dick!!! fuck the cum out that slut... our ancestors would be proud!

Joecarter2300 Joecarter2300:

Maury: You are the father!

OmarTheThick OmarTheThick:


Kiwibiguy84 Kiwibiguy84:

Fucken hot, but where are the cumshots?

nastynellz nastynellz:

I’ll only take 2 .. Thanks in advance ..

ebanaghka ebanaghka:

Does anybody know the name of the song?! Please, ladies and gentleman, if you do, let us know

Alarak3321 Alarak3321:

что за песня играет в видео ? скажите пожалуйста .

Alarak3321 Alarak3321:

What'sthat music?

dukeofdudes dukeofdudes:

This is the most stereotyped porn I ever seen. Dislike.

chiakii chiakii:

last time i was surrounded by so much chocolate it was halloween

April Showers April Showers:

godlike57 godlike57:

Omg if my wife would do this I could contain myself I’d just have to cum all over her fucking face

Steven38P Steven38P:

Love to be her cuckold.

CoolPal CoolPal:

this is not good, i was expecting TAP DAP, but not even a DP

alive_all_time alive_all_time:

One of the best Black gang bangs

misterpersi misterpersi:

They turned that bitch into an insatiable Queen of Spades. Nice

Sasha Bikeyeva Sasha Bikeyeva:

это была конкретная прожарка!

SexyMan254 SexyMan254:

OMG! That gangbang was PERFECT! And yeah, I TOTALLY agree that she was in paradise!

Juliettescty Juliettescty:

Jason is always the gentlemen

BBCloverxoxo55 BBCloverxoxo55:

Hot damn, I want to get gang banged by hot black guys again.

Vigilant Vigilant:

they needed the french boi

jkokko jkokko:

Saw my "My Previously Viewed" list on other browser (not logged in) and maybe it is time to add that "interracial" to my turn ons list. Well first things first, gotta check this video and...

Ghugghu Ghugghu:

such an fav...

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OMG .... an amazing blonde !!! What a festival of cocks all over her body ヽ(˚◒˚) ノ!!!! Yeeees ヅ !!!!!

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