Pussy and clit licking,real wet orgasm

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NatalieFlowers NatalieFlowers:

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kandor kandor:

Love this!

hatgrab hatgrab:

PLEASE post more like this!

kashun95 kashun95:

I Just Blew The Thickest Load Ever Watching You Well Done You Have My Vote

xxjason72xx xxjason72xx:

You have a gift girl ....keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tvsf98 tvsf98:

looks like she was pumped with white cream first ... prob. fake

wtfchange wtfchange:

So what? Have a sopping wet cunt is good no matter how it's accomplished.

Clamslayer321 Clamslayer321:

He’s definitely licking his own cum at first

Music4Life90 Music4Life90:

I was thinking the same thing, her juiciness doesn't look 100% real..

hornylittlehannah hornylittlehannah:

Truly one of those times I don’t know if I’m repulsed or turned on. Still came doe

chuyee chuyee:

I would have used her pussy lube to finger fuck her butthole.

nuttynutty69 nuttynutty69:

I cannot believe the amount of pussy juice that came out, just amazing. My favorite pussy licking video...ever!

porn_girl99 porn_girl99:

I think it was cum (he blew load in her before) . But who cares.

tlgynla tlgynla:

she was creampied or pumped full of some kind of weird cream looking stuff before they filmed... Women don't ejaculate like this unless they have an std.

Lori_69 Lori_69:

It’s fake

lndsy86 lndsy86:

mine too!

spacebarSpacebar spacebarSpacebar:

6:17 fart owo

spacebarSpacebar spacebarSpacebar:


iwanttodiesomuch3 iwanttodiesomuch3:

did u just owo at her farting lmao


Lick her butthole!


I'm a man who loves to eat pussy how could he not eat the cum that's the best part of eating pussy

iggyfsucks iggyfsucks:

I’ve eaten many pussies and I can categorically state this is bullshit.

Ibroxpark1872 Ibroxpark1872:

Anyone playing futchamps this weekend then??

yoni_flex yoni_flex:

absolutely love watching her pussy blow up and expand during orgasm, I wish all women could do that

SweetPusxySizzle SweetPusxySizzle:

I wanna cum like tht too..

kbeeken kbeeken:

Lmfaoo! The fart at 6:18

curbdawg curbdawg:

Pardon the puddle.

FlyboyRob FlyboyRob:


love2eatclean love2eatclean:

heaven on earth

Aglos212 Aglos212:

I would drink all that juice just as it comes out mmmm

DaddysLil_Slut101 DaddysLil_Slut101:

Can you eat my pussy out like that daddy? Seeing her cum is so sexy

Always Massive Always Massive:

That's how it's done, guys! Nice 'n wet!


Talented guy.

JustBobby JustBobby:

I assure you naysayer's that her cream is real. I have a very similar natural lube. She is delicious!

pynknightonly pynknightonly:

Wow! I've never had an orgasm like that. Not even close to it!!

springbreak0 springbreak0:

Nice orgasm...Unlike Western women, Japanese women have quite big visible clitoris. Also Japnese porn focuses on Woman's clitoris while western porn completely ignores woman's clitoris. Western people don't understand Clitoris has 8,000 never endings compared to penis that has 4,000 nerve endings. Clitoris is a Female Penis. Clitoris is the key to orgasm in women..Clitoris is the main tool in women's genitals through which a woman can easily get orgasm but men except Japanese men ignore clitoris

Aijiahna Aijiahna:

I want this to be done to me

SoAwesome1495 SoAwesome1495:


DaddysNaughtyOne DaddysNaughtyOne:

oh my god i bet she tastes so good

torontocan torontocan:

I really need my pussy eaten.

badyogi58 badyogi58:

You cum like that, fucking hell, i want to stick my mouth on your cunt.

sammygs sammygs:


doulaaa doulaaa:

i love drink the wet


Fake as cum btw

alicoz alicoz:

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OfficialMissFj17 OfficialMissFj17:

This is too much pleasure

I_Own_A_Big_Shed I_Own_A_Big_Shed:

I like Arby’s too

porn_girl99 porn_girl99:

i love you Natalie

discovolante78 discovolante78:

By far the hottest video I've ever watched. Thank you.

Comment666 Comment666:

Wow this is great, I'm shooketh

dcvantes dcvantes:

Natalie, this was so beautiful. I liked and favorited as well as subscribed. You have a beautiful, creamy pussy, and your moans are simply wonderful to hear.

teddyfincher teddyfincher:

loved it. i felt so thirsty after watching this

shmooove shmooove:

Fuck look at all that milk

Sincitysgoldenboy Sincitysgoldenboy:


blackcucumber blackcucumber:

I would love for her to smother my face that pussy so wet

husband-fist-wife husband-fist-wife:

Nice big pussy. Its seen some abuse. Keep up the videos.Guys and gals after your done watching her videos feel free to check us out.

rem12121 rem12121:

people saying that its fake, then where it comes from?

Befkoning31 Befkoning31:

Want to do this right now

Emad01 Emad01:

She is not fake, most of the japanese females behave like this!!

jimbo6603 jimbo6603:

Lovely real as hell

jimbo6603 jimbo6603:

Natalie thats nice

ntxhoo ntxhoo:

That is one juicy and creamy pussy getting worshipped. My pussy is so wet.. fuck me!!


Lo necesito

TaxExempt TaxExempt:


ohenry53 ohenry53:

Wow, so hot, beautiful orgasm with a lot of juice, well done !

wtfchange wtfchange:


LolaClark LolaClark:

Fuqen hott!!!

Fitness-skinny-abs Fitness-skinny-abs:

so hot and wet

Ainsleyhariot Ainsleyhariot:


apolo10 apolo10:

post more videos of this

tuscan12 tuscan12:

I can better lick the squirting properly

dnightmare85 dnightmare85:


yxunglit yxunglit:

i just had the biggest load

lovefeet1974 lovefeet1974:

Id suck you

BeefStroker BeefStroker:

Loved every second of that

BreakingDad BreakingDad:

That is the hottest video I've seen in a long time. I've lost track of how many times I've watched it over and over. I don't know if you're married or have a boyfriend, but damn if he isn't the luckiest man on the face of this earth.

horrnycat horrnycat:

ommmmmg good .....

briankebbin briankebbin:

So lovely juice tasty~~~

dineshshil dineshshil:

uuummmmmm yes upload more like this video

Franntx4u Franntx4u:

sweet....i want some ....

Love_er_cock Love_er_cock:

Gets me hard everytime

luhe1183 luhe1183:

absolutely incredible amount of cum.i wasnt even sure it was real at first

Lori_69 Lori_69:

It’s not real

alexSamersex alexSamersex:

I wish I were in his place

Hellsboy99 Hellsboy99:

Im Imagining thats me tounging your beautiful pussy NatalieFlowers!!!! I wish you could make more squirting videos and squirting in public also my favourite

Ava Carter Ava Carter:


Janni65 Janni65:

Mmmmm,very yummy pussy!

paulo39 paulo39:

very nice and horny pink pussy    I loved fuck a best girl , lucky guy

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