StepSiblingsCaught - Step Sisters Ripped Yoga Pants S8:E5

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i was legit thinking it is not okay to take advantage of someone who is mentally retarded

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I spent the first half of the video wondering if I was retarded for watching it.

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Even a blind man could notice it

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lmao same

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Yes, she is

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That made me crack up. And when the dryer scene happened my first thought was "Please don't tell me he's going to say it's not made for lefties too." Lol.Although, in all seriousness, I guess if to knife has the little serrated things on one side, maybe that can be a thing for lefties verses righties? I know they have decks of cards made for left handed people, and scissors.... Either way, glad Someone brought it up, lol.

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Well, I mean, it’s amateur porn pretty much. The bitch and the dude are both retarded.

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And how a dick can be mistaken for a cellphone, and how she didn’t see dick when making the sandwich even though it was at countertop level.

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Simple pretext...since she's a total gullible retard

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Kagnar Kagnar:

There is a ribbed side made to spread butter or mayo. The smooth side makes it much harder to gt a nice layer.However, you could just spread away from yourself and the problem is fixed. It's just slightly more uncomfortable.

thear675 thear675:

He was lying to her to get her to make him a sandwich, dummy

ScarletFitXX ScarletFitXX:

sweetbabygirl5 sweetbabygirl5:

Its true!! The side of the knife that the blade is on makes things different for left handed people. It’s the wrong side

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All these thotbots and nigga never got his answer. How it's made for righties is the serrations used to help spread things like mayo or butter are on one side only.

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he only said that to get her back in the kitchen

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Anonymare Anonymare:

Am I the only one that's bothered by how many bots or self advertisers there are. I guess every video sharing platform has that problem.

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mr_wall98 mr_wall98:

It’s a joke, the girl is meant to be really fucking dumb so he made up that he couldn’t use the knife so she’d make him a sandwich

JootaroStar JootaroStar:


eyegod12 eyegod12:

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justleroy justleroy:

It's made so it can be used at the same time as the left-handed smoke shifter.

Nardenarden Nardenarden:

the serration is only on one side

stevenstevenson69 stevenstevenson69:

YouTube rewind was a bit shit wasn’t it

Snowee3 Snowee3:

It wasnt hot I can tell you that

BlueP1e BlueP1e:

Do you want more?

PizzaPorn69 PizzaPorn69:

A bit??? All we got out of it was the most disliked video on YouTube and a few good memes

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KawaiiMuffin KawaiiMuffin:

Yeah, I agree too. Pewdiepie's version was way better. Rewind gets worse every year it looks like lol.

jamesx03 jamesx03:


Shaquel Tyson Shaquel Tyson:

Lucy969ycuL Lucy969ycuL:

Ladies and gentlemen, We are pleased to present you our series. Programs are divided into 4 parts and there are 4 programs per season. Thank you for watching in respect alone or accompanied. With or without popcorn. By practicing or not a sexual activity. We will not respond positively to the disrespectful comment. Love yourself, subscribe and above all have a good time.


It was yea

AnonymouZero AnonymouZero:

just a bit. but i mean, i stopped watching them 2 years ago so

pussy69lickerxxx pussy69lickerxxx:

It was major shit....

RoccoRemus RoccoRemus:


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You right

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Dutch_David Dutch_David:

You trade nudes on SC @MellieJe14?

bbwbitch1 bbwbitch1:

Not a bit, very.

Pepper Sins Pepper Sins:

I loled

CatOnTheWeb00 CatOnTheWeb00:

Sure it was

JznxiXVI JznxiXVI:

they didnt add all the big things that happened they added stuff no one cares about tbh

chara234 chara234:

I didn't think it was that bad, but I didn't think it was that good either. I DO think it was the perfect place to smother with downvotes because Youtube is being a huge POS right now.

eyegod12 eyegod12:

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ninjaskittles202 ninjaskittles202:

yeah pornhub have to make a pornhub rewind

AmateurKeKe AmateurKeKe:

It was

Huge_Doinks Huge_Doinks:

This bitch really didn't feel him fuck her

TyronandLuna TyronandLuna:

He wasn’t fucking her... It was obviously his phone poking her lol

Adam_Racewarski Adam_Racewarski:

like throwing a hotdog down a hallway

kdong1 kdong1:

probably just bad writing

Nikitablondee Nikitablondee:

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UncleJokoSeekSex UncleJokoSeekSex:

his dicc must be very tiny

Lucy969ycuL Lucy969ycuL:

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I think it might of be a true story.

ohwhotfcares ohwhotfcares:

Hole so big or dick so small

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RoccoRemus RoccoRemus:

you should ask her

youngandfresh97 youngandfresh97:

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Healthy_MeatEater Healthy_MeatEater:

His dick was just really small

eyegod12 eyegod12:

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fuck_stick1 fuck_stick1:

That was a perfectly good sandwich

deeznuts40101 deeznuts40101:

dude doesnt even know how to eat a sandwich you put it in your mouth not in the sink silly

lgh008 lgh008:

of course a goodsandwich(ಡωಡ)

Tenya_Iida Tenya_Iida:

I agree, what a shame.

Nikitablondee Nikitablondee:

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Mandi Rose Mandi Rose:

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iluvejesus iluvejesus:


ButtPlugInMyNose ButtPlugInMyNose:

Retard didn't know how to make it that's why he threw it

2Mikoxam 2Mikoxam:

she forgot the cheese...

RoccoRemus RoccoRemus:

I would have put some seasoning ...

Zartan001 Zartan001:


off12xans off12xans:


mcspidermicah mcspidermicah:

F for our gamer boy sandwich

appernator appernator:


CatOnTheWeb00 CatOnTheWeb00:


eyegod12 eyegod12:

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bparker776 bparker776:

this is actually a fucking comedy more than a porno lmfao

SheevHub SheevHub:

Literally. It’s a FUCKING comedy

eyegod12 eyegod12:

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bbwbitch1 bbwbitch1:

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mrcook123 mrcook123:

Whys your ass so flat though?

neessis neessis:

Doing your part also includes voting for Garfield Kart to be GOTY in Steam

theblackhat theblackhat:

So did some research on what someone keeps spamming in the comments "[email protected]" and the person works at a Baptist university in Texas WTF

Enian Enian:

I got used to report spam that i just did it on a non spam comment... I think i'm retarded like this girl.

user12369420 user12369420:

Wtf lol

dmr478 dmr478:

Every like and ill beat my meat for destroy Dick December

ninjaskittles202 ninjaskittles202:

I like the fact that he just threw away is sandwich in the sink

Thiccmight Thiccmight:

Same lol

darthevil darthevil:

i laughed so much

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

bjoe3439 bjoe3439:

nigga never even got his green tank top..

khaijt khaijt:

When you roll 20 on persuasion

LunitaLove LunitaLove:

Like comment if you would like to break my yoga pants and Creampie me

TomOnTheFloor TomOnTheFloor:

@mrcook123 yeah lmao these people are as retarded as the girl in the video

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Holy shit the replies on this

gwk1997 gwk1997:

Me please

goro4 goro4:

Wanna fuck your tight pussy then cum inside it.

EmperorJustinianl EmperorJustinianl:

Men of Byzantium! We must make the final push, to reunite Italy, and integrate it into our empire! Renovatio Imperii!

meatbeatertiteater meatbeatertiteater:

RENOVATIO Spaghetti pasta lasagne Some other shit

mufasadick mufasadick:


TheRealHitler1889 TheRealHitler1889:

Who else here is under 18

Niggerfagott69 Niggerfagott69:

I thought Hitler was older than 18 that's weird

goddamnedit goddamnedit:

The only people with Hitler profiles are under 18 so this checks out.

mrcook123 mrcook123:


BigSmokesGhost BigSmokesGhost:

I'll eat a number 9 for every like I get

GiveMeThatAssGirl GiveMeThatAssGirl:

when the voices sound soft so you think you can put the audio a bit up and suddenly they start having sex and it turns into a fucking earrape

1800dedboi 1800dedboi:

I fucking died when he threw the sandwich

R6Nerd R6Nerd:

Porn logic is the best logic there is

cyngrl cyngrl:


eyegod12 eyegod12:

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DinkDink DinkDink:

Fuck I wish my step sister was this stupid growing up. Her pussy is yummy as fuck.Also, I wouldn't mind sucking his cock either.

Enian Enian:

You want your sister to be retarded? Wow...

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Put your nasty ass cock away faggot. Nobody's trying to see your gross deformed tictac dick

cyngrl cyngrl:


Eatmydick690 Eatmydick690:

Well that was a rollercoaster ride of a comment

denisishot denisishot:


TheDogeKing TheDogeKing:

that poor fucking sandwhich

g5k329 g5k329:

bro who's email is that and why do you keep posting it lol

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

hannelejarvinen hannelejarvinen:

fucks someone without them noticing.sneak 100

PansexualXFlower PansexualXFlower:

The sister tho.. She retarded. *sees white stuff* MUST BE SOAP

JameskiiVEVO JameskiiVEVO:

Subscribe to PewDiePie

raptor1730 raptor1730:

I have done that a long time

bigdiggie bigdiggie:

Arent you supposed to be makeing another vrchat in a nutshell no nuttin tell you get it done james

Brostvarta Brostvarta:

I made an account just to say that sometimes the plot is just so bad that you can't even fap properly

Enian Enian:

It's comedy.

6Meme6Lord6 6Meme6Lord6:

Excuse me sir But what the fuck,She wasted time to make that sandwich and you had the audacity to throw it like it was shit.It might have been bad but that’s just a waste of food pal.

hihihixxx hihihixxx:

my fatass thought this was lasagna

SuicidalEggplant SuicidalEggplant:

Glad to see that mentally retarded people are being hired, this site is so progressive!!

KKKCultist KKKCultist:

Just looks like another day in Alabama

xxxSoullxxx xxxSoullxxx:

I swear these porn niggas have the IQ of a rock

tromboneman12 tromboneman12:


princecum princecum:

is she dumb

Sikorsky2410 Sikorsky2410:


baldwinjim745 baldwinjim745:

Who's this actress, she has REALLY sexy feet!

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

baldwinjim745 baldwinjim745:

just do a close up of her feet in that yoga pose : )

thebadboy12 thebadboy12:

Who is better suarez or aguero?

xxxSoullxxx xxxSoullxxx:


british7911 british7911:

Uh aguero


I honestly don’t know I feel they are on the same level I’m a Barca fan but I think Suarez is just overrated because he plays for the biggest club in the world

eyegod12 eyegod12:

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pussyeater003 pussyeater003:


1990Christian 1990Christian:


Cextraker Cextraker:

At the start he said he was left handed but half way in the video he was jerking off with his right hand explain America explain

Enian Enian:

It's not that hard...

Kuleyoh Kuleyoh:

For every like I won’t fap for a day

genericweeb genericweeb:

She spent all that time making a sandwich and this fucking troglodyte throws it in the sink.

MLG_Simba MLG_Simba:

I’m gonna say the N word

Enian Enian:

The NOPE word?

Blujay13 Blujay13:

He threw the fucking sandwich in the sink. what the shit.

Healthy_MeatEater Healthy_MeatEater:

That was the worst acting I've ever seen... Also the worst sandwich ever

downloadavid downloadavid:

Sub to pewdiepie

ConejitaDeLuz ConejitaDeLuz:

*throws sandwich in sink*

crispycreme755 crispycreme755:

Deadass almost left cause the "oh I feel something poking me"

DixieNormus69OOF DixieNormus69OOF:

“I feel something poking me” “that’s my cellphone”

DonDongWithMom DonDongWithMom:

this girl has mental problems

bitchimthevii bitchimthevii:

I heard retarted bitches got the best pussy...

emilioscock emilioscock:

Bet she wishes she could have Emilio’s cock

FatCockFrank FatCockFrank:

"I feel something poking me"

BigBrowner BigBrowner:

Finally a porno where the woman does her job makes me a sandwich

snicklefritsz snicklefritsz:

lmao when he tossed that shitty sandwich

YuriBear310 YuriBear310:

Hope all of y'all have a happy new year, and get what you want from life

IfukyourPussy IfukyourPussy:

fuck her right in the pussy!

dropg88 dropg88:

What kind of asshole yeets a sandwich cause his sister walks away?

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Definently not an ethiopian

mitchstar mitchstar:

I'm just here for the comments...

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Put your nasty ass cock away faggot. Nobody's trying to see your gross deformed tictac dick

jroling jroling:

"This knife is only made for right-handed people" *Cock is literally half an inch below counter-level* *Throws sandwich in disposal* "I feel something poking me" (Cock is all the way in) "I feel something wet on me!" "It's probably some soap"Wow. She is one smart girl.

Your_Mum_Gay Your_Mum_Gay:


Dude7594 Dude7594:

She keeps looking in the direction of the dick and still doesn't seem to notice it while making the sandwich. Then her tits fall out and she acts like that's nothing odd. What the hell is this?

CornHubUser124 CornHubUser124:

Welcome to porno story writing.

khaijt khaijt:

Speech 100

banmexbox banmexbox:

This dude sounds like Red Randumb

lildisapointment lildisapointment:

Anybody else notice how she compared his dick to 2 fingers?

shylisa shylisa:

i wish i had a sis like her

AnonNL AnonNL:

rip sandwich

YoungBlood06 YoungBlood06:

did this nigga just toss a ham sandwich in the sink..

Bigworm31 Bigworm31:

The best part about this is that some females are actually that dumb

burkethekilla burkethekilla:

a nigga in africa could have eaten that sandwich why u waste it

RedmanDallas RedmanDallas:

Damn waste of a sandwich

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Juliotheskull Juliotheskull:

Mf's really be out here throwing away good sandwiches

MriFapFrequently MriFapFrequently:

But why did he threw away a perfectly good sandwich?

DarthOswin_747 DarthOswin_747:

She's cute, and I love the way she looked when she came. She's either fantastic at faking or it was real, but either way, it was hot.

Luketherapist Luketherapist:

The soap scene should be a meme

lildickie69420 lildickie69420:

Dude, he fuckin yeeted that sandwich.

ConejitaDeLuz ConejitaDeLuz:

"It just slipped inside"

Bbenbird Bbenbird:

I know porn can be dumb. Like, really really dumb. But this... I think this genuinely caused me to have an existential crisis.

DaboiWhogotnoIQ DaboiWhogotnoIQ:

Rest in peace sandwich

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Micero Micero:

I think the nervous system in her pussy had severe damage for not feeling that!

Eohrevol Eohrevol:

This is as obvlivious as god wanted us to be

SamuelBuel SamuelBuel:

retarded PRON

strongsausage strongsausage:

This shit still better than YT rewind 2018

Hoss_Delgado Hoss_Delgado:

this bitch is wearing a knitted sweater from grandma lmao

CallM3Carson CallM3Carson:

Did this girl really not pay attention in school? Like, idk but she seems to a have an IQ below 0

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johnbigdickcena johnbigdickcena:

Started to watch the video and I instantly thought she’s more retarded than my sister

4kpornlover 4kpornlover:

How stupid do you have to be to think that butter knifes are only right handed! Retard.

mufasadick mufasadick:

That nigga chucked that sandwich into the sink

pit_kami pit_kami:


meow360 meow360:

What an epic sis

shmemjay shmemjay:

Damn that was a good looking sandwich.

Allycatness Allycatness:

cause she so cant see him stroking his cock right next to the fucking island right? lol

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Xodas Xodas:

Holy shit, it was true. That was a right handed knife

gucci_xanz gucci_xanz:

he threw that ho in the sink lmao im ded

tsume90 tsume90:

I died when i saw that. This a porno or a comedy? Rofl

TinyBlondeLUVA TinyBlondeLUVA:

2:25-2:27 When you find lettuce in your pussy sandwich

Martisha-Yhivi Martisha-Yhivi:


Johnytom15 Johnytom15:

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mistaghost mistaghost:

If your going to take the time to put a plot in a porno then at least make it at least somewhat believable.

Harvestro Harvestro:

What’s the name of the porn ad of the black girl fucking on the dinner table

jasontsims8 jasontsims8:

Its the soap's fault

yourmomiskanye yourmomiskanye:


yourmomiskanye yourmomiskanye:

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maxxxandfrank maxxxandfrank:

Am I the only one that laughed when he threw sandwich in the sink

bichniba bichniba:

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AssassinHit AssassinHit:

This guy over here deadass wasted a perfectly good sandwhich, what a cuck

what_do_i_put_here what_do_i_put_here:

I had to stop jerking off halfway through because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t keep a steady beat...

Dude7594 Dude7594:

I started lost it when he kept jacking off while she's looking at him while she's making the sandwich.

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mrcook123 mrcook123:

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Rhetorical Rhetorical:

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One_sho One_sho:

sweet home alabama

Biggie1204 Biggie1204:

was this bitch retared or something we have cows in asgard with more brains than her

mrcook123 mrcook123:

We have super mutants in the commonwealth with more brains than her

dearsissors32 dearsissors32:

Nigga came in her an she thought it was soap

MRjellydick MRjellydick:

that aint how knives work my man

heelflipbacktail27 heelflipbacktail27:

When he threw the sandwich in the sink I died

babydell2 babydell2:

I Want a step brother

mrcook123 mrcook123:

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Yo wtf this isn't the case I was working on!... guess it is now

Pepper Sins Pepper Sins:

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MichealWittman MichealWittman:

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tometeo1 tometeo1:

Im tryna jerk and tgat guy keeps showing his dick, wtf ill have to fucking stop everytime

AestheticSandwich AestheticSandwich:

Great! Thanks to this video I won't be purchasing that same cheap pair of yoga pants for my step sister anymore! Thank you PornHub customer service!

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Doug_D_Dimmadome Doug_D_Dimmadome:

Video starts with what women should be doing...making us sandwiches...

mrcook123 mrcook123:

On a serious note, who comes up with the stories for porn? They have to be a 75 year old virgin or a comedian or some shit. Like why cant there be one half decent porno with a sensible plot? When its so bad to the point i go limp and crack the fuck up, how does that make it to post?

mrcook123 mrcook123:

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RuskiTuski69 RuskiTuski69:

This is the wierdest fap i've had in a while

Puppy_Liam Puppy_Liam:

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bendypop1 bendypop1:

Is she trying to act hot

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I'm sorry but the right handed knife still got me dead lmao

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NicelyWastedTime NicelyWastedTime:

Stupid fucking kitchen ware utensils. Don't they know people are left-handed?This is obviously a disgrace to left handed people like me!Such a shame big companies could be so dumb..... SMH(chill its called sarcasm)

mohmvp mohmvp:

Im sorry but that sandwich looked disgusting. I would have thrown it away as well

arturoisjesus arturoisjesus:

i remember when i trained my sister

LT-902 LT-902:

I love how clueless she is

HentaiType69 HentaiType69:

So,what builds do you suggest for jinx?

Kingdeek2000 Kingdeek2000:

Big fucking hole coming right up

Kingdeek2000 Kingdeek2000:

Big fucking hole coming right up

jacklumber27 jacklumber27:

This fucking guy rolled a nat 20 on a charisma check and the girl rolled a nat 1 on a perception check, like 4 times

digbick497 digbick497:

I wish my stepsister was this dumb

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thegothgoddess thegothgoddess:

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The dialogue is ruin this vid

Maria Vertigo Maria Vertigo:

Such a good ride,i would love to be fucked by that man (my filming partner is not that big,dont tell him

Spazus Spazus:

Is that drier the fucking portal to Narnia or something?

NSFW_Weirdo NSFW_Weirdo:

This has to be the weirdest porno I have seen.

BigGayThot BigGayThot:

Bigpapa_619 Bigpapa_619:

Why did she have to act retarded n get fuck ? Probably she didn’t even got paid …

unknowforsafe unknowforsafe:

2:25 LOL

FranPie FranPie:

I loved it!

HappyGoHappier HappyGoHappier:

Just saying.... if any of y'all ever do the shit that he did in this video to anyone in real life, female or male, in the beginning half before he had her consent to fuck her, your ass is going to jail. Once again, practice consent. It will fuck up your life if you don't. Don't learn the hard way. This is fantasy, not educational video, I fucking learned shit the hard way with anime because no one fucking taught me shit about modern form of consent

HappyGoHappier HappyGoHappier:

All y'all are mean as fuck. In the beginning his sister was just being genuinely nice for her brother and making him a sandwich whether or not she believed his lies about the knife thing.

Tenya_Iida Tenya_Iida:

"It's probably just some soap."

KidzWhoLovesMemez KidzWhoLovesMemez:

Her name ?

LittleGhostie LittleGhostie:

He doesn't even eat the fuckin sandwich?! Bro!

sawjinator sawjinator:

This nigga threw a sandwhich in the sink?

NotTedCruz88 NotTedCruz88:

Oblivious af

Loserlexxx Loserlexxx:

love watching vids like this and thinking of my step bro

AnnCum28 AnnCum28:

i dont like her..

EnriccoPucci EnriccoPucci:

good lord I was speeding this video up so fast to get to the good parts it was like I was using made in heaven, this shit is wack

rawr101f rawr101f:


xXDarkAetherXx xXDarkAetherXx:

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CthulhuRises98 CthulhuRises98:

I'm starting to think this isn't YouTube..

Laxus846 Laxus846:

How the fuck did she not feel him fucking her the first time, but the second time she knew?

dementedddd dementedddd:

It just slipped im sorry



azman_480 azman_480:

She’s a beaut

Brooklyn_BJ_Lover Brooklyn_BJ_Lover:

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Fuzz_Wuzz Fuzz_Wuzz:

That poor poor sandwich

Largeboi68 Largeboi68:

This reminds of the time something like this happened to myself.

Crystal985 Crystal985:

;love your videos

ConejitaDeLuz ConejitaDeLuz:

This dude doesn't know how to do anything wtf can't even make a sandwich or get his clothes out of the dryer

ConejitaDeLuz ConejitaDeLuz:

Sister just casually has her whole ass out lmao

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SheevHub SheevHub:

At least eat the fucking sandwich, Jesus Christ man.

Pewdiepie134 Pewdiepie134:

it just slipped in you

caledfwlch caledfwlch:

jesus. does she have CTE or something?

faggotnigger89 faggotnigger89:


Versal88 Versal88:

Legendenpeter Legendenpeter:

He is such a savage by throwing that sandwich into the dish

hoseokfuckx hoseokfuckx:

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Davidokuro Davidokuro:

Who wrote this!?

cylik405 cylik405:

ok its a butter knife with the same build on both sides of the knife, bullshit im left handed its right handed. 2nd i feel something poking me and i feel wet but its soap this bitch braindead lmao

Harambe42 Harambe42:

This girl is dumber than the k*d that fell in my cage.

windowspeaks windowspeaks:

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More like a naive brother I think

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BruceCockstein BruceCockstein:

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so like she didn't see him jerk off while making the sandwich its not like he hid it. Damn when the plot is so fucked I cant even focus

ShaunKinky ShaunKinky:

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They were just gonna sew the hole up while she was still wearing the pants?

EddieBingo EddieBingo:

That was a waste of a sandwich, nut ruined.

mistakenlymade1 mistakenlymade1:

it felt kind of wrong watching this, am I the only one?

BaumKatze BaumKatze:

I wanted to eat that sandwich.. what an asshole

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Dergon14 Dergon14:

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Mariwot Mariwot:

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weirdkoolkid weirdkoolkid:

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gamer596noscope gamer596noscope:

damn dude lasted like 3 seconds in the first half

rocky0944 rocky0944:

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StarvingAfricaKid StarvingAfricaKid:

Umm... fuck me right?

FloppyJ FloppyJ:

Legit looks like she got dressed in the dark

callmebacksometime callmebacksometime:

blueball72 blueball72:

She is either blind or dumber than hell not to feel and see his cock each time he pulls it out. Especially in the dryer scene. What woman wouldn't feel him insert it up her cunt? These plots are so damn stupid. Love her tits and pussy though.

AintMessing AintMessing:

fucking hell he threw away the sandwich XD

raptor1730 raptor1730:

Who is she

Fascismandpottery Fascismandpottery:

Thog dont care

Zamary Zamary:

This acting is so good

zzzkari zzzkari:

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StrongConfuse StrongConfuse:

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benniboy22 benniboy22:

such bad acting was even hotter lol. she’s smoking and this had me feel some type of way

KrisMacCardikan KrisMacCardikan:

That house isn't lived in; or they eat out a lot. Nobody living in that house is starving due to poverty. I would've thought there'd be more beverages in a fridge in south central California. Not a single wilted, mouldering vegetable in the "crisper" (it's a rotter).

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gothicdynamite626 gothicdynamite626:

How do you not know the different between a phone and a cock? Lol wtf

bobbynewport bobbynewport:

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UMotherFuck UMotherFuck:

Aw man, not the sandwich.

averageredhead averageredhead:

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vorisyne vorisyne:

I laughed when she was like “Oh do you have two fingers in there?” Bruh

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NutterBuster86 NutterBuster86:

I laughed my way through the beginning and then the girl was hot enough for me to still cum, genuinely one of my best experiences with porn, mostly from how absurdly stupid the video was, but still.

Claudia Class Claudia Class:

I`m soooo excited !

903random 903random:

You need a KNIFE to get something out of the fridge???

Sex_Karma Sex_Karma:

Ohhh her ass!!!! I fall in love

matty420d matty420d:

Aah that's hot, that's hot

lexxicums lexxicums:

Didn't feel the other "pokes"? When looking for the shirt hahah

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jroling jroling:

The problem with porn logic is that some guy just writes down a bunch of shit and never actually sees how it looks on screen. On paper, this wouldnt look as stupid.

makescents makescents:

I would love to role play like that. So fucking hot

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Why do you have a pic of your ugly ass on here? It aint gonna make girls want you. I bet youre the type of sex offender to go and whip his meat out at a stoplight and ask a girl for directions

SaSquaTch02 SaSquaTch02:

She doesn't feel anithing so, his dick must be really small

forsenlol123 forsenlol123:

She's an actual Pepega

vapeonly93 vapeonly93:

this should be included in some "try not to laugh" compilation

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Put your nasty ass cock away faggot. Nobody's trying to see your gross deformed tictac dick. Oh you vape that explains it.

TeencoupleIT TeencoupleIT:

Loved it!

ryanggop ryanggop:

disliked cuz you throw her sandwich away she made it for you and the leased you could have done is eat it you fuckin prick

ValerieTelevision ValerieTelevision:

Damn, i have to release more yoga pants videos. Looks adorable

arash_onx arash_onx:

what is her name?

pinokio0 pinokio0:

oooom loved tights pants

mrcook123 mrcook123:

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Redwing Redwing:

Great vid.If she thinks it’s your cellphone bumping into her, you’re doing it wrong.

ScarletFitXX ScarletFitXX:

johnnyCain412 johnnyCain412:

I wish she would have stayed dumb the whole time, when she caught on it kinda killed it.

yourmomiskanye yourmomiskanye:

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thorir69 thorir69:


chombs chombs:

he is a gamer boy, you know because he had a female make him a sandwich in the kitchen

Glebgg Glebgg:

I’m confused, was that actually soap?


Hello Goregous Stunning Sweetheart Emily Willis please make more

Dhsuwjwbsjaja Dhsuwjwbsjaja:

This dude just threw away a perfectly good sandwich. Smh my head.

blarb11 blarb11:

Am I the only one trying to figure out why he threw away such a good sandwich?

zrtporny zrtporny:

Was really hoping she would use her left hand to make that sandwish

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Put your nasty ass cock away faggot. Nobody's trying to see your gross deformed tictac dick

Phschakk Phschakk:

I tried this with my Stepsis but it didnt work well. Why ?

PillowTheSLUT PillowTheSLUT:

Omg I want her as my sister. SHES SO CUTE!

SpriXxxX SpriXxxX:

Who to talk?

mrcook123 mrcook123:

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LazyPenguin93 LazyPenguin93:

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lolssoldier lolssoldier:

How on earth can you throw a god damn HAM AND MAYO SANDWICH AWAY!? CRAZY MAN HONESTLY!

dickworm dickworm:

I like how he throws that sandwich in the sink and not the trash

bilada3000 bilada3000:

this video is cringe wtf

SaltyDickenson SaltyDickenson:

He's gotta an invisible dick or what? I'm confused.

Millieneil Millieneil:

What a waste of a perfectly bland sandwich!

SuckSideways SuckSideways:

Anyone got the full vid?

Dude7594 Dude7594:

Gotcha Fam!

hitthedab420 hitthedab420:

Soap reallly?

hollowman420 hollowman420:

Love her dim witted oblivious demeanor

BreadstickSixNine BreadstickSixNine:

Did he just throw a sandwich in the sink

XXXhentai_lordXXX XXXhentai_lordXXX:

Lmao when he tosses the sandwich in the sink

Madmathieu Madmathieu:

What the fuck is the acting here I feel something wet! How did you not feel him pound ya ass

SandwichInspector SandwichInspector:

That sandwich was Delicious why u gotta throw that a way man?

tiktokmeme tiktokmeme:

I have a feeling this is fake and I don’t know why

blanklemon blanklemon:

the acting, magnificent

likes2watchlots likes2watchlots:

yer my cellphone lol dumbass

likes2watchlots likes2watchlots:

she must be blind asf to not see his cock

Polger69 Polger69:

This is it lads. The hottesr one yet.

kaaskanker30 kaaskanker30:

Does anyone know how to make a burrito? like how the fuck do mexicans make that shit.

mrcook123 mrcook123:

I can, but i dont know how to explain it. If you help rescue dog meat from the super mutants, then ill come over and show you.

TinHorn TinHorn:

Holy shit, what a dumb bitch. "What is this, soap?" Wow, just, wow.

adam101pl adam101pl:


HornyCorny490 HornyCorny490:

Waste of a good sandwich!

PumkinBOI PumkinBOI:

why did he throw the sandwich into the fucking sink

alekskorolev3 alekskorolev3:

Саня, кинь дз, я знаю что ты тут

fireblackass fireblackass:

wants to get creampied... whos up to fuck me ?

JammyBomb JammyBomb:

Is porn getting dumber ?

gurglus_ballsius gurglus_ballsius:

Jesus she must of flunked pre-school if she didn't realize a big cock GOIN INSIDE OF HER

florin909090 florin909090:

nice pussy

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Damn what happened to your face dude?

GrassiBoii GrassiBoii:

he didn't solve the problem the hole just got bigger, like wtf man help your sis out

san69foryou san69foryou:

Add BbgQueenNiki for sexting on KIK

hornyslut468 hornyslut468:

she’s on a new level of dumb

Tim98654 Tim98654:

I've seen some weird stories, but this video is right up there.

voodooblues voodooblues:

What a waste of a perfectly shitty sandwich...

Tim98654 Tim98654:

2:26 haha!

smoorez smoorez:

that knife comment didn't make any sense

concernedmum concernedmum:

Her skirt is too short

PhatedF00l PhatedF00l:

have yall ever wondered if pornstars dads go on pornhub and see their daughters in the recomended feed or on the homepage xD xD xD

mrcook123 mrcook123:

I wonder how many relatives legit beat off to them? I would tbh just sayin

heavenly-touches heavenly-touches:

anyone else highly concerned about that dude who keeps commenting this girl’s email? he’s got a phone number as title of a photo able too bro what the fuck

BritishGuy93 BritishGuy93:

This shit made me laugh so hard. But it’s actually sad that there are some chicks out there dumber than this scripted stuff, and they’re genuinely trying not to be that dumb.

Leviku Leviku:


titsmakemyday titsmakemyday:

she is looks like bollywood drama queen sonam kapoor. small tits but so cute .

chater_mhm chater_mhm:

6,000 to 8,000 sensory nerve endings and she didn't feel that

slickcvnt slickcvnt:

wtf she worked so hard on that sandwich you heartless bastarf

slickcvnt slickcvnt:


TheeKraken TheeKraken:

This was pretty bad, but also pretty good. Why does it feel like I was looking for something just like this?

LetsFuck1115 LetsFuck1115:

Girls add my snap for fun jk29781

FakeName0 FakeName0:

That awkward moment when your step brother's phone accidentally penetrates you while you help him look for his green tank top.

ethanay680 ethanay680:

The fuck does he mean that knife is right handed knifes are ambidextrous like forks or spoons, fucking porn plot sucks.

heelflipbacktail27 heelflipbacktail27:

This video is actually fucking hilarious

yasyasyasyas2 yasyasyasyas2:

Oh. I feel something poking me.

screwdriver2006 screwdriver2006:

I love that acting

Yeetbob_yeetpants Yeetbob_yeetpants:

Why did he throw it in the sink

michael026 michael026:

OMG throwing away that sandwich she did with the RIGHT HANDED KNIFE?! if this wasn't porn i'd be upset!

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Put your nasty ass cock away faggot. Nobody's trying to see your gross deformed tictac dick

MZjesus666 MZjesus666: follow us on twitch

ItsMeGoku ItsMeGoku:

Gets fucked in the ass and jizzed on , i think something is poking me XD

kuvettesekis kuvettesekis:

she is retard and i love it

thomasdankengine69 thomasdankengine69:

this bitch is more of a brainlet than fucking arne, how did she not notice?

flyfl flyfl:

xD good acting hahahaha

joshdunismydad joshdunismydad:


ACupOfRamen ACupOfRamen:

her nose look like the green goblin

Choco Dick Choco Dick:

Pepper Sins Pepper Sins:

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Pathetic as fuck

Bootysweat93 Bootysweat93:

undeadz undeadz:

best porn video ive seen funny as shit

Bootysweat93 Bootysweat93:

delcogy delcogy:

wish i was her, i would be stupid like her and love it

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Profile pic is ew

DrSlimPickens DrSlimPickens:

Very Nice !!!

mrcook123 mrcook123:

Put your nasty ass cock away faggot. Nobody's trying to see your gross deformed tictac dick

ARHS1999 ARHS1999:

Subscribe to pewdipie

StrangerSky StrangerSky:


mrcook123 mrcook123:

Nigga you ugly as fuck put some clothes on bitch

OhLookItsThisGuy OhLookItsThisGuy:

Ripped yoga pants are such a turn on.

Miss Rai Miss Rai:

Waste of good pants

jeffrxxx jeffrxxx:

That's what women are made for. Making a sandwich

starwars187 starwars187:

She's fucking Hot, I'd fuck her no matter who she was to me

belgiumboy69 belgiumboy69:

wtf yeah just soap XD

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

Anthonyworley Anthonyworley:

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

defaultboi972 defaultboi972:

sliding into those dm's like

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

EatMyCuntUwU EatMyCuntUwU:

has anyone seen the butter?

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

Doc132 Doc132:

Some one knows the girls name?

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

pussyeater003 pussyeater003:

Look in the description

randommmn randommmn:


eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

byuu6102 byuu6102:

uhmm... ok! xD

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

Amateur Girlfriend Amateur Girlfriend:

WoW ... yoga ... is the best exercise in the world !!!!! Hot

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

fajartri98 fajartri98:

Yeahhhh....just a soap.....

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

Randomguy69148 Randomguy69148:

it's ironic, when i'm watching this video an ad gets put next to it for step siblings caught and the video it advertises is this same video i'm watching

eyegod12 eyegod12:

[email protected]

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