LeoLulu x Lele O - Lazy Afternoon Sextape - Part 2: Hard sex and Cumshot

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Leolulu Leolulu:

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING The result of a lazy summer afternoon with @ohshititslele It’s more than 30mn long so it will come in 2 parts (for FREE).Hope you enjoyed the PART 1 (

ccdeysno ccdeysno:

Now that’s a threesome I want to be involved in especially when one of you grabs his balls and squeezes them hard whilst he’s fucking you! #mydreamthreesome

RoyDovator RoyDovator:

fucking video) the best tits and ass. keep going. it's so hot.

KoskaetLeska KoskaetLeska:

Omg gorgeous ass stunning feet. You girls are a kind of fuck goddesses!!

Gentlelovr Gentlelovr:

This is the best video ever! Hope to see many more like it! You guys are the best!

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Couple cumsx Couple cumsx:

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Bubblelatina Bubblelatina:

Amazing vid!Come to see my fat ass too

Gibbylove Gibbylove:

Este vídeo me éxito mucho

ScarletFitXX ScarletFitXX:

PrincessAmanie PrincessAmanie:

I hope you guys have had a great Christmas xoxoxI love you all ♡♡

Porn Killer Porn Killer:

Mmmm... It's amazing! I like it

Lucy969ycuL Lucy969ycuL:

Congratulation for award

prettyevil prettyevil:

Super sexy! I'm so wet...

LevyDude21 LevyDude21:

You are all so beautiful! please make a video where both of you get to have a dick inside those tight beautiful pussies.

frank19cm frank19cm:

hope to su u 3 fuck really. It' could be the best porn ever

unknown unknown:

Great view at 6:01. ;o)~ seXXXy women!!! WOW!!!

ka7soo93 ka7soo93:

Let's have a campaign guys..Lulu to fuck lele in the next videosLike this comment please

RoyDovator RoyDovator:


Queen Ann Queen Ann:

Hot video. Thanks

rjsnowblind rjsnowblind:

How about Leo fucks Lele with a strapon while Lulu fucks Leo?

Ohshititslele Ohshititslele:

See, the thing is sometimes, it’s good not to realize fantasies, so they stay fantasies. And they keep driving your mind crazy for ever

sangiorgio sangiorgio:

Please realize this idea! The very thought of it drives me crazy!

jdrax1899 jdrax1899:

Good idea

wavingd wavingd:

Its gettin closer and closer to a threesome. Great video.

RoyDovator RoyDovator:

oh yeah!!!

LunitaLove LunitaLove:

i love the idea of watching that

JJ1 JJ1:

whats the point of having a threesome if everyone isnt fucking?the other girl is literally a prop, she isnt really doing shit. he not fucking her, she not fucjking her. smh

RoyDovator RoyDovator:

so sad

Pornlakrids Pornlakrids:

So Lele how did you get off ? Can´t really see you did that

jazou jazou:

In french we call that: "tenir la chandelle"

CaliCouple1 CaliCouple1:

Penetration isn't overrated. Try having sex with a guy without penetration, oh wait it's not sex. Lol stupid.

unknown unknown:

If women really thought penetration is over rated. Then the size of a guys cock wouldn't matter!!!Women love a big cock!!! That's why the male pornstars are the guys with the Big Cocks.Just ask all the women in porn that are Fucking Big Black Cocks!!! Well they want the money too.

Ohshititslele Ohshititslele:

Hopefully, one day, you’ll realize that penetration is overrated. There’s so many ways to get off.

Juspe Juspe:

seriously guys whats wrong with you. Can't you appreciate what they are offering? they are no famous porn stars but a loving couple. Don't tell me that you'd want to share your partner that easily. Letting him touch and finger another girl is super hot and so much more than most couples would do. Of course I'd also want to see him fuck the other girl but the fact that it stays a fantasy makes it even better. Same with a face reveal. Not seeing the faces is hot on a different level

unguiltybystander unguiltybystander:

literally everything you said. Couldn't have said it better!

Ohshititslele Ohshititslele:

Thanks :* there will always be frustrated people. Even if we showed our faces it would make people happy and others angry. So we just do as we are happy to do and try to avoid getting sad because of bad comments

Ohshititslele Ohshititslele:

Thanks guys for not being so mad at me for not taking Lulu's dick :p I expected more hate TBH! FYI, it was the first time for me touching a pussy like this. So be grateful please haha, don't you like lesbian sex as well? CF Pornhub insight 2018

trashlam trashlam:

On t’aime Lele! ❤❤❤

mwesten52 mwesten52:

Super hot!She gets a threesome with 2 guys next, right???

ryans122 ryans122:

exept the other guy doesn't get to fuck her.

Msyumyums Msyumyums:

"Congrats on the part!""Oh thanks! Wait which part did I get?""Oh the girl that no one fucks and everyone wonders why you are even there""...."

zlodeia zlodeia:

Oh, I wait for my wife to get home and I'm gonna fuck her so hard! Thank you guys for the whole inspiration! We enjoy every video of yours.

Leolulu Leolulu:

k271828 k271828:

So much beauty! It must have been a wondrous experience for the three of you to share. The moans and laughter certainly suggest that great pleasure and fun was had by all. Thank you again for sharing, and please continue with your fun (however you see fit).

Leolulu Leolulu:

THANK YOU for this very nice comment!

dov22 dov22:

franchement ....je m'attendais à beaucoup mieux .......... lele o ne fais rien , elle suce pas , rien de new ! nul !

JavierHolgado JavierHolgado:

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Leolulu Leolulu:

désolé de te décevoir avec cette vidéo gratuite, c'est vrai que tu méritais mieux...

Searching Siren Searching Siren:

I love this beautiful art you shared with us. Lele was very respectful to your boundaries and you all look like gods and goddesses

grzybencjusz grzybencjusz:

maybe blowjob from lele next time????

maggietasmith maggietasmith:


sangiorgio sangiorgio:

This is so fucking hot !!! It is my dream! I see, you enjoy every moment. It is very cool when Lele touches herself so intensely at the end (10.44 ff)! And then the superorgasm on the hot body! Just wonderful...

Ohshititslele Ohshititslele:

Glad you liked it!

tommyknocker54 tommyknocker54:

On a trouvé l'homme le plus heureux sur terre : ;-)

FoxMulder39 FoxMulder39:

Que c'est beau ! Vous allez casser internet 3

maynov16 maynov16:

christ!!! more group sex please. so inspiring.

Lady WOW Lady WOW:


VikThorDrac VikThorDrac:

seriously now, what's the point in the second girl here? she doesn't interact at all. Gorgeous body too, but basically not participating anyway. If she isn't allowed to get the D anyway then why have her in the video?

FrozenLV FrozenLV:

06:19 PussyFart ?

TinoFernandezCH TinoFernandezCH:

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lols3x lols3x:

The only thing bigger than my dick is my love for Jesus Christ.

Claudia Class Claudia Class:

what else could be said here

changingwind21 changingwind21:

i hope he fucks the girl with hairy pussy she wants him so bad

JavierHolgado JavierHolgado:

Au top ! Vous êtes au top ! Pour des ''amateurs'', pour du DYI, c'est top, stylé, spontané et tout ce qui va bien. Continuez à vous éclater et faites les choses pour VOUS faire plaisir avant tout. Mais je ne me fais pas trop de soucis là-dessus anyways. Lotsoflove guys

Ohshititslele Ohshititslele:

Merci beaucoup !!

Orester23 Orester23:

That´s one of the sexiest things, I´ve ever seen! Cheers!

BigWeeweeNigga69 BigWeeweeNigga69:

Dawg I nutted so hard to this I accidentally solved the Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture

rskyron rskyron:

Waiting for that Lulu x Lele x Lolo x Lala collab

DonPito DonPito:

joder, what a lucky man...part 2

Johnsnake333 Johnsnake333:

Honesty, porn is great cinematography. The natural and sexual feel you get is amazing. Being able to capture that in its pure state is something truly astonishing.

ChrisThompson1 ChrisThompson1:

He can bum me if I can shag these 2

Hyman9 Hyman9:

God, he must be in fucking heavens

Panda_love Panda_love:

i like it porn

jalive40 jalive40:


Bicha1810 Bicha1810:

Vu la faible ejaculation, je pense qu'il y a eu au moins un 1er service si ce n'est plus dans la journée

TheSweetVirgin TheSweetVirgin:

Insert me in ‘Le Le’ position. Lol... That was so hot!

Ohshititslele Ohshititslele:

It was :p

Nieur33 Nieur33:

On se rapproche doucement du moment où il va prendre ces deux déesses !!!Vous êtes tout simplement splendides tous les 3, c'est un plaisir chaque fois renouvelé de vous regarder 3 

Leolulu Leolulu:

tout doucement alors

LoverOnTheRoad LoverOnTheRoad:

what about slow motion here?

RedMambaV RedMambaV:

Another group orgy of cum whores. I can not believe a porn website would promote a stupid cunt like this.

Ambikay Ambikay:

Don't make me say the n word

bloopone bloopone:


RedMambaV RedMambaV:

Everyone in this video deserves to die by a random person to come in with a shotgun to kill each and every one of these pathetic internet whores.

mikeccgm mikeccgm:

If you're going to do a threesome, why not just go all the way and give the other girl some dick too?

BillyMac23 BillyMac23:

Anything that adds a dimension makes porn hotter for me. The anonymity (hidden faces) just intrigues me. I play it in slo speed and turn up the vol to suit my own mood. The women are ideally sensual and sexy. I play their action several times before I go to the threesome. Beautiful way to spend an hour or so either alone or with a friend(s)

xxx081981xxx xxx081981xxx:

Amazing girls!

Zigmouss Zigmouss:

He's the sexiest guy around ! That body, that dick, that stamina ! Amazing man !

Italian Physique Italian Physique:

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downbelowceo downbelowceo:

The cock play in the video is so hot. The friend doesn't need to suck or get fucked. She does the perfect amount of playful teasing on both ends.

therawdog therawdog:

6:18 queef! Love it

Horny Nicky Horny Nicky:

sangiorgio sangiorgio:

I can only say: For me the two vids belong to the most intimate movies on pornhub! Many thanks to the two tenderest women and the considerate man. Keep it up! I certainly enjoy every moment!

anothershredder anothershredder:

If there's anything absolutely weird in this world it's when you invite another girl to fuck with you and totally ignore her for the whole evening!

Callumdarcy13 Callumdarcy13:

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fergy303 fergy303:

boring you didnt go down on your friend and he didnt fuck the girl with the bush

unguiltybystander unguiltybystander:

Incredible as always. So so so hot

adolphus67 adolphus67:

The party goes ooonnn. And On -winks . And On. Wonderful Kinky Interaction in a Threesome Sex Spectacular. Ooooo my buttons are clicked again for Leolulu and Lele

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richard666666666 richard666666666:

another lady has nothing to do...

secretservis1 secretservis1:

When you understand that knowingly spent time on watching! Very hot video.

adrix974 adrix974:

faut leo la baise aussi

adrix974 adrix974:

mais a quoi elle sert la 2eme meuf si elle fait rien a par vous regardez faut que elle aussi soit de la parte sinon c'est nul pour elle enfin je suppose pck la a par lui toucher les seins et un peu la chatte je pense qu'elle s'ennuie

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a super hot video;-)I love that!!!!

astrellla astrellla:

Great video.


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EmiLeeWonder EmiLeeWonder:

Wow! Very hot

aarikxa aarikxa:

love you leo, lulu, lele o. what a fantasy would be to have "threesome" like that one. I don't think my partner will be happy with me fucking other person... but just playing and watching.. maybe will happen. What a great video, full of fantasies.

BananaCandy BananaCandy:

The title says lazy afternoon but they seem pretty busy to me

lara_nije lara_nije:

La chance qu'il a mdr

SukiSukiGirl SukiSukiGirl:

awesome videos guys!! LOVE your channel!!

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Candy_Kitty Candy_Kitty:

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TravisTouch87 TravisTouch87:

My god you guys are incredibly hot! One of the sexiest vids I have ever seen! I would never want you to be uncomfortable, but you have to admit if you are at the point of touching each other's genitals you might as well go all out and fuck each other! Great job though guys!

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DoubleDeeHunniBee DoubleDeeHunniBee:

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MamiandPapiXXX MamiandPapiXXX:

@Leolulu you are an inspiration, we love your videos!!! keep doing what youre doing

frenchsalad frenchsalad:

La peeeeerfectiion cette séance !

valpo75 valpo75:

does lele have her own channel.... ? i want to see a double blowjob

evilron evilron:

I want it too

timal77680 timal77680:

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ScarletFitXX ScarletFitXX:

tommy89yolo tommy89yolo:

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DickyDicky86 DickyDicky86:

I enjoyed this video but my bed sheets did not

Fonzzz Fonzzz:

She doesn't want the other girl to fuck her man lol, why even bother with a threesome in the first place.

Alice And JJ Alice And JJ:


chasexvalen chasexvalen:

Sooo hot, I need to convince my girl to have a threesome ASAP.

WetKelly WetKelly:

So hot , so exchiting. :* Great video.

colo77fun colo77fun:

Cute video, but why doesn't he get to fuck your friend too? Would she get jealous?

nitekat7304 nitekat7304:


sirab333 sirab333:

this lele girl sucks...it would be much better with nofacegirl / behindthemask or carrlight

Lexrick Lexrick:

It's so nice to see a girl with a fit tight body. Love how you can see the definition of her ass cheeks. Tired of all the skinny-fat and fat-fat girls!

luverdi luverdi:

Do these women have faces? It would be nice to see them.

andrewballersen andrewballersen:

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PrincessAmanie PrincessAmanie:

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cqrxo cqrxo:

This is so damn hot.

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cornishnbored cornishnbored:

Dunno about lazy, looks quite energetic to me

mrbigcock5 mrbigcock5:

Sexy babes! I wish I could bang Lele

Sultrysubmissive Sultrysubmissive:

I am so wet. Well done!

yordp1 yordp1:

You need someone for Lele.. i think she deserves a dick too

MrDrillYb MrDrillYb:

Birdbox had me not wanting to come outside

JennyDoll18 JennyDoll18:

Hey i all time want to ask.. Why you do not let him fuck another girl or to let him be sucked by another girl?

drewsusx drewsusx:

Would it be frowned upon to drop a soundcloud link?

Seahawkfan1108 Seahawkfan1108:

Am I the only one that finds it weird how his lower body is hairy as fuck while his upper body is smooth like a baby?????

IplayHayday IplayHayday:

What has my life come too. Watching porn instead of spending time with my obnoxious family. ❤ Thank you pornhub.

StrawZen StrawZen:

Lele getting cucked got me like.

Badredbone69 Badredbone69:

BaristaBabe8 BaristaBabe8:

Travelss Travelss:

Personally it's one of my favorite video from you

KeylaSanchez KeylaSanchez:


Trippykey Trippykey:

Wtf? They invite Lele for stay there just like decoration. :/

livinginafiction livinginafiction:

The best video ever

JohnTheBonnSmith JohnTheBonnSmith:

Taking Leolulu and Lele O to shower afterward and pissing all over their beautiful tight bodies would be the height of erotic pleasure. You should try.

tommy89yolo tommy89yolo:

Vous trois êtes merveilleusement beaux!Pur génie et sensualité =)

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Lexrick Lexrick:

Butthole and pussy of the girl on the right are so gorgeous! Hope I get a girl like that some day

Hisbabygirl92 Hisbabygirl92:

I don't understand why everyone is mad that he didnt fuck the other girl. Maybe they aren't comfortable as a couple for all that or she just doesn't want to share him which is okay it's there relationship. She was mainly there for her and it was for his viewing pleasure. Some couples that do this dont ever have the guy fuck the other girl shes mainly there for the girl and that's that. I loved this video. It was hot. Don't let ppl get to you if your not ok with sharing so what.

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corrado99 corrado99:

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ThanosofLove ThanosofLove:

First damn i love those videos and when i saw them filming in my country greece i appreciate them more now. So now is it a threesome or something else because i prefer it only lulu with her man so lele as a partner-sister thing for lulu is so much better

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Ohshititslele Ohshititslele:

Guys!!!! Watch the full video instead of scrolling forward haha. I get all the fingers I need. Even Leo touched me!

sexdudeaddict101 sexdudeaddict101:

wait so @ohshititslele never got fucked?

Leonnonymous Leonnonymous:

Nice.I would to see a threesome with Mini Diva S2

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azertysexe14 azertysexe14:

Effectivement c'est très chaud, les collaboration te réussissent très bien Lele O, d'autres en prévisions ? Merci à Leolulu pour l’accueil

ShrekTheOgre43 ShrekTheOgre43:

I'm so horny...EDIT: I meant to say that I like horns.

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Gglyo Gglyo:

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garcelluswallace garcelluswallace:

damn lulu, u should let your man hit the other girl

CeddyBear69nLola CeddyBear69nLola:

petitegrl petitegrl:

It’s not really a fucking threesome when the other girl isn’t getting equally fucked. It’s a turn off for this porn video.

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pedi_rom pedi_rom:

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SirSlutTrainer SirSlutTrainer:

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Ohshititslele Ohshititslele:

Haha mais mon cerveau ne s'est pas ennuyé. Parce que tu sais, j'en ai un, je suis pas qu'une bouche et une chatte hein

florin909090 florin909090:

beautiful vagina

fireblackass fireblackass:

hello guys... im up to meet talk to guys with big dicks... add me for some fun

altic7 altic7:

Ps : encore une fois merci c'était super ce moment tous les trois et je me suis bien marré avec le pet de minoutte.

Bicha1810 Bicha1810:

À quel moment le pet

Crogers25 Crogers25:

slowly but surely getting to a full sex 3some!

Couples Fuck Couples Fuck:

Sooo hot

Soxfan14 Soxfan14:

What a lucky guy.

thickngood17 thickngood17:

A quand la participation active de Lele ? haha

altic7 altic7:

Super moment, vous vous êtes vraiment éclaté merci c'est génial de voir l'amour comme ça. Merci encore à vous trois.

Denim Girl Denim Girl:

Both girls are very hot. I love the quality and the way you film your videos. Staying here for much longer...

MyTinderSexCapades MyTinderSexCapades:

Watch this hot tinder slut beg me to cum all over her!!!

dotbody dotbody:

At least a Lele blowjob as a gift... please!

Streetwice Streetwice:

Christmas comes early this year

LightVision LightVision:

Super video, t'as dla chance mon lulu^^, dommage effectivement que lele ne fasse pas plus parti de l'action, meme si c'etait deja très bien. Merci a vous 3 de partagé vos video avec nous, vous êtes top. J'espere qu'il y en aura d'autres

Beemer1200 Beemer1200:

Quel incroyable cadeau de Noel de nous offrir ces deux vidéos hyper sexy! Merci, merci, merci

Bicha1810 Bicha1810:

Dommage que Lulu ne soit pas plus amateur de cunnilingus car il y avait un magnifique cunnilingus a faire sur la délicieuse chatte de Lele O

thudnucker9 thudnucker9:

That was hot. Thank you!

babar06 babar06:

Vous êtes magnifique si un jour vous avez besoin d’un autre homme je serais éventuellement candidat

CutCocksAreHotter CutCocksAreHotter:

Incredible sex!

Bicha1810 Bicha1810:

Très belle vidéo comme d'habitude, normal 3 magnifique modèle.Un seul regret, dommage que Lulu ne profite pas mieux des charmes de Lele O.

digipen digipen:

so happy guys make me

digipen digipen:

o ilove you guys happy so much

Cosmo200987 Cosmo200987:

So hot....wish I was part of it....any part of it!

ibisrouge34 ibisrouge34:

Comment ne pas apprécier ce trio magnifique !

Janni65 Janni65:

Very good idea!

Ivy_Black Ivy_Black:

Good video but I prefer POV

napo1805 napo1805:

une des meilleures videos que j ai vue sur PH jusqu a présent !!simplement magnifique ...

Ohshititslele Ohshititslele:

Aaaanh merci!

mjk0362 mjk0362:

I love how lele is helping with her hands

ipaymytaxes ipaymytaxes:

Hardly lazy! He fucked the shit out of you! Must be where he gets his abs. Haha. Very hot w the added girl. You guys are great.

Leolulu Leolulu:



You are a perfect girlfriend

jdrax1899 jdrax1899:

The other girl (lele) should let that guy fucking her hard just like he did for his girlfriend

ka7soo93 ka7soo93:

Unbelievable and lovely trioI can't wait to see this guy fuck lele the other girl

Sixiemesens Sixiemesens:

Absolument magnifique. Dans la forme (une belle forme et de belles formes tous les trois!), comme dans le fond (euh...oui, je le con-fesse). Un érotisme sophistiqué qui vous va si bien ... Offrez nous une suite, l'impatience nous gagne déjà

Leolulu Leolulu:

Merci beaucoup pour ce commentaire!!!

Oral Creampie Oral Creampie:

WoW guys .... what can we say... !!, Great whipping in the ass ... you are both incredible !!! ... This is very exciting and hot! Yeah, i love

michiele1 michiele1:

Very Hot !!!Leolulu..the BEST couple on Pornhub

nofreebie nofreebie:

Sooooooo hooooooooot!!!!!

JavierHolgado JavierHolgado:

You need to watch the first episode or you won't understand what goes on here in the second :-)

trashlam trashlam:

Top! Vous êtes sublimes!

cashgreen16 cashgreen16:

Love this type of 3some. It’s like a couple plus one but the girls are mainly there for each other and his view. Awesome

Leolulu Leolulu:


Ohshititslele Ohshititslele:


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