60fps Amazing Blowjob and facial from Arabian Princess Jasmine

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AlexRo1 AlexRo1:

I just love your curly hair,it's damn sexy.Wonder how cum would look on it =)))

Gesano1867 Gesano1867:

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prettyevil prettyevil:

That's was hot blowjob, sexy beautiful.. I love it..!!

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

Thank you)

Live2069porn Live2069porn:

Love this video she’s amazing...

Switcharoo84 Switcharoo84:

A fine ass woman like that is no condom no pull out

Live2069porn Live2069porn:

Love your videos

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

Thank you))

DiasporaFlowers DiasporaFlowers:

Like little latinas getting fucked check out

BlaqNasty89 BlaqNasty89:

She is gorgeous

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

thank you)

PseudonymSexPorn PseudonymSexPorn:


21cmlang 21cmlang:

Damnn good vid ♡♡♡

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

Thank you)

Live2069porn Live2069porn:

She so fucking hot

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:


jad444a jad444a:

You are Princess.kiss

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

Thank you babe)))

Live2069porn Live2069porn:

Post this video on my stream

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

Mmm ok)

FrankerWanker FrankerWanker:

You could probable go all the way down on me..^•^.. To ball and pubes deep.. Your nostrils would be in my pubes bush.. I just love.. Bring It..

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:


ReddDaddy1 ReddDaddy1:

blow any day mami

ISLayHertoo ISLayHertoo:

So fucking sexy!!

luuuume luuuume:

So pretty

afroslut afroslut:

I could stare at you all day

Soxfan14 Soxfan14:

I could feel that BJ all the way to my toes. Just subscribed.

Fap_Sajak Fap_Sajak:

the angle at 3:30 is so fuckin hot. it made my dick so hard i grew an extra inch i didnt even know i had.the dick in this video is the luckiest cock on the planet. that ass is to die for *drool*

PassionBunny PassionBunny:

Great, you have perfect body!

HazeJ1 HazeJ1:

You are super sexy

GFreakyLoves GFreakyLoves:

You got the hottest dick sucking lips I've seen, your ass is amazing and your pussy is gorgeous, saw some of your other videos... Beautiful exotic lady

dirtylilcouple dirtylilcouple:

Damn you're hot

Fabcum Fabcum:

mmmmh delicious Princess...

Miss Freyd Miss Freyd:

you have one of the best figures on pornhub!!

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

thank you babe)

kordhhh kordhhh:

What country are you from princess Jasmine

soggysocks soggysocks:

I'm not understanding why anyone would dislike any of these videos!!

slitlic slitlic:

Awesome video! Facial???

redraxxxx redraxxxx:

The rimjob

Hung_WhiteBoy Hung_WhiteBoy:

I think I want a Princess Jasmine for Christmas

theperfectcock theperfectcock:

if that wasme with you .. i would be a hell of a lot harder than what you got

bigdick929 bigdick929:

You are so beautiful. Love them sexy lips. Man would I love cum on those puffy lips :p

DeliBBC DeliBBC:

I want her so badly

EveryFlavorLover EveryFlavorLover:

I love watching you give head.

Thickcockx Thickcockx:

So amazing! My balls drained watching it (;

dominicanbadboy dominicanbadboy:

That’s hot

realones4u realones4u:

That’s hottttt

KingMK KingMK:

Great Video Jasmine!

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

Thank you)))

Live2069porn Live2069porn:

Thank you, I’m in love with you

TXBoy4fun TXBoy4fun:

Amazing as always!

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

Thank you)))

Live2069porn Live2069porn:

I need her in my life

zackcanattack zackcanattack:

wow amazing more like this pov please

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

Hi))) thank you babe)))

MrShortAndLong MrShortAndLong:

God damn baby...the way you sucked that dick was mesmerizing, but now I’m wishing that was my dick getting all that action ❤

maricopp maricopp:

such a slutty face , should´ve stand up and aim for the eyes , thats what u deserve

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:


Quentin013 Quentin013:

Lick his ass and you will reach the perfect girl level ! You are very close ;-)

unragazzogiovane unragazzogiovane:

You're too good to be true! What a goddess!

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

Thank you)))

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:

Thank you)

Bromantic1 Bromantic1:


Dbaby98 Dbaby98:

everybody go follow and subscribe me Dbaby98 new videos everydayy

Princess_Jasmine Princess_Jasmine:


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