Slave is used, ass fucked and pissed on

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unknown unknown:

Model: S.A.Message me for the full name. Enjoy!

MargoTheGreat4609 MargoTheGreat4609:

Anybody want to get to know?

dogethememe123 dogethememe123:

lol it is wrote down the video

0kean 0kean:

Susan Ayn

mrmegabyte909 mrmegabyte909:

wtf were her moans?

loiracasadinha loiracasadinha:

The man must be cruel to his whore. You must abuse, you must humiliate, you must fuck her a lot. The woman deserves to slap her face, breasts and butt.

mj_porn mj_porn:

Wow, what a hot video! I like

loiracasadinha loiracasadinha:

@faceshooter13: Yes ... when the woman is your sexuaul slave, you can do anything. She deserves it!

faceshooter13 faceshooter13:

you tell em, on your knees bitch...…...can I slap your face with my cock?

bitopper bitopper:

Fuck around she is fucking wonderful!! I need a regular piss fuck woman

mj_porn mj_porn:

sexy couple

unknown unknown:

She is wonderful indeed.

horneyyhun horneyyhun:

I’d love to be slapped and fucked like this if I’m being honest.

Jnamigohar Jnamigohar:

what is her first and last name

Conixy12211 Conixy12211:

What's his name?

cri65cri cri65cri:

Susan Ayn 

Holmesstinky Holmesstinky:

This is what i dont like

Vertex96 Vertex96:

He pressed his ass on her face, gave her a goldenshower, slapped and spit on her. But she still smiled. Because she knows her place as a woman.

vortexonline vortexonline:

wow, great ass for anal

Conixy12211 Conixy12211:

What's the guy's name? I know only that he's russian

borehcom borehcom:

Markus Dupree

9Sherlock9 9Sherlock9:

she does a bunch of naughty things to satisfy her master's dick … :-0

faceshooter13 faceshooter13:

any ladies wanna be my slave?

ShinyFetish ShinyFetish:

Someone re-upload this with a proper audio track for the girl. She sounds like a retarded opera drop-out.

drogobramble drogobramble:

is there anything that Susan won't do?

denisishot denisishot:


Extragay Extragay:

This guy is one seriously handsome hot dominant machofucker. Love it!

Very-shy Very-shy:

when is the pissing scene?

deepwader deepwader:

why on earth is he completely naked? put a pair of boots on him at least, ffs!

ScarletFitXX ScarletFitXX:

Very hot!

jessicabab jessicabab:

A perfect fuck!! Just love this !!!!

unknown unknown:

This is honestly one of the best porn scenes of all time. Susan is amazing, and she is so dirty in this scene. Outstanding!

bigjoe696969 bigjoe696969:

Who is she

HarleyPresley2u HarleyPresley2u:

This location should retain a qualified Dungeon Master, to consult and oversee the Productions they lease to. And, seriously showcase the BDSM lifestyle, through the safe, and proper, use of their gear and equipment.

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