The Phoenix - Fit Couple Sex

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Daddycrush Daddycrush:

Wow, this guy is fuckin hot!

vmovmo vmovmo:

hot fuck!

hairygr hairygr:

Would love to see you with your full body hair.Men are always more sexy with their body hair.

hairygr hairygr:

OMG you areone of the hottest men alive!!!!Please post a video going solo!It will be very appreciated!

Ronnie G Ronnie G:

Such a lucky girl!!! I'm so jealous

swampgorilla555 swampgorilla555:

Sexy HOT fuck! She's fucking incredible and he knows how to fuck her.

cuteboyyy25 cuteboyyy25:

The guy is...hotter than hell! Please more rough stuff in next videos

Kayla White Kayla White:

Amazing couple i have to say.

coreywineguy11 coreywineguy11:

That is a beautiful man!!!!!!

Isla White Isla White:


OtterBottom92 OtterBottom92:

I want this man's seed in my ass and taste it in my mouth. Everyday, Lucky girl to have such a beefy bull.

Lollygirl69 Lollygirl69:

Wow you guys are perfect together. She’s a lucky lady.

MacBill1991_1 MacBill1991_1:

eye candy... both

monsieurunivers2 monsieurunivers2:

super hot, sexy, the stud seems to be the perfect hunky boyfriend

bhndnl bhndnl:

Great video.

barely8teen barely8teen:

We loved it

Friendlyguyandgal Friendlyguyandgal:

You guys are great. Love the passion. Keep sharing.

thisnewadress thisnewadress:

She has an amazing body! Please post more.

Phoenix Rising Phoenix Rising:

Will do. Anything you'd like to see?

bangbangboom98 bangbangboom98:

Keep going! I love your chemistry!

WaedWilson WaedWilson:

It’s really hot when she calls him daddy

Phoenix Rising Phoenix Rising:

Thank you! We cant wait to share more with you.

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