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flammpanzer flammpanzer:

Do you ever just finish half way through the 40 minute video and spend the next twenty minutes considering the impending fall of western civilization and how we, like the Romans before us, have fallen victim to our own decadence and have replaced all spiritually fulfilling elements of our culture with an obsession with materialistic fulfillment and instant gratification?

Gaeta9421 Gaeta9421:

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jdftubeamp100 jdftubeamp100:

Nope because dopamine is the real topic worth discussing and the 16 "likes" that stroked your pathetic psychologically reversed ego made your dick hard. You have issues.

QuetzalUnchained QuetzalUnchained:

Seeing how her asshole grips that dildo and how she squirts with every thrust makes my erect cock throb so good.

stown stown:


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MajorIceHole MajorIceHole:

the only other thing I can think about is my face trading places with her foot.And her panties are on backwards.And I'm realizing I may have some CDO issues. (why has nobody else put those letters in the correct order) I shouldn't expect then that any of you noticed the face looking in the window from the deepest of the darkness.

MajorIceHole MajorIceHole:

I would enjoy taking this young woman to the edge of her sexual boundaries,and then keep going.Cuz little lady there is an orgasm that awaits; you most likely won't push yourself to reach. the cumming that someone else has dragged you to kicking and squirming.As your body tries to release a response to the continued stimulation it is confused that no fluid is available and the electrical shorting between the entire neural net and bio sensors will make you see is an electrical Orgasm.8P

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limpdicknoodle24 limpdicknoodle24:

Shes got that hot mom i wanna fuck look

bcdude72 bcdude72:

Here I had a queue of like 6 vids I was going to fap to. When she's dp riding the 2 toys deep, grinding her hips down hard...was too much for me

bcdude72 bcdude72:

Wow, just wow. The way this girl fucks blows my fuckin mind

flavajay flavajay:

Rosie' big pussy is so gorgeous

chiraz chiraz:

best ride ever!!!

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